Kickstarter of the Week: Rabbit running apparel (Made in the USA)

Product: rabbit
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Kickstarter End Date: January 14, 2016
Current Pledge: $35,719 of $30,000 (WILL BE FUNDED)

We love the latest and greatest running gear here at Run Oregon – and we love sharing those companies with our readers. While I think we all probably have some sort of Nike, Adidas, or other big brand apparel in our closets. But sometimes those little guys and start-ups need some love too. And we are here to help with that.

Let us introduce you to rabbit, a running apparel company start-up in Santa Barbara, CA, who make all their items in the USA and have some simple, yet cool looking stuff. The creators of this campaign are also owners of the only running shop in Santa Barbara.

From their campaign:

A few years back, we got tired. Tired of shirts that were so long we felt like we were running in a dress, shorts that were so complicated we needed an instruction manual to get them on, and gear that just wasn’t made for running, like see-through yoga leggings. Why were we so willing to make concessions on our gear? We set out to change how we run by building the products we actually want to run IN. We believe there’s a way to make running apparel for everyone that’s light on hype, while still delivering serious function, style, and simplicity. So we created rabbit. A performance running apparel brand that was born to let you run free.

Finally, a running apparel brand with everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’re taking a firm stance against hype and fuss. Ready?

Let’s run.

They are coming to Kickstarter and in the process of creating six female items and five male items – all of which are essential items.

For women:

  • Race-her-back tank
  • Bunny hop tank
  • Tee amo shirt
  • Catch me if you Can shorts
  • Legs shorts
  • Hopper shorts

For men:

  • Welcome to the Gun Show singlet
  • To-a-tee t-shirt
  • Fully loaded shorts
  • Quadzills shorts
  • Daisy Dukes shorts

Close up of rabbit material

Their FreeSpeed fabric is 51% polyester/47% nylon / 2% spandex and is utilized in their men’s and women’s tops. Their linings are made of “rabbitmesh” – a 92% polyester /8% spandex combination. It is said to be lightweight, breathable, and chafe-free.

You can get a top and bottom of your shirt for pledging $100 (the $75 option was so popular that the tier sold out). For $190, you can get one of EVERY men’s item ($220 for women due to the additional item).

It is anticipated that pieces will be shipping in April 2016.


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