Run Oregon cleans up nicely with GoodWipes and Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes

If you have ever run Hood to Coast, Cascade Lakes Relay, or one of the other long multi-day relays, you know how sweaty and stinky you can get. Probably more than food or a nice soft bed, the thing we find ourselves dreaming about while stuck in the back of a van is a nice, hot shower. Being blunt, we are also dreaming the hot sweaty runner crammed in next to us would take a shower and I’m sure they’re having the same thought.  That is just part of the weekend relay experience, but does it have to be? Teresa and Matt received some items from GoodWipes and Ursa Major. Read on for their take on the products. These make some great stocking stuffers!

GoodWipes are not quite the same as taking a hot shower, but they can help make you feel cleaner and smell much nicer. These are prepackaged wipes that can be used to clean off sweat or grime when you don’t have access to an actual shower. Each wipe comes individually wrapped, and is made out of a thick, moist cloth – perfect for cleaning up post run.  They are hypoallergenic, flushable and there are no alcohol, parabens, or added fragrance. They smell great too. The wipes contain tea tree oil, peppermint and ginseng, which give them smell that kind of perks you up. I didn’t try them on face, as I have sensitive skin and I didn’t want to risk a bad reaction, but I did use them on my body, and I thought they worked great. There have been many runs where I wish I had a few of these stashed in my bag.

There are GoodWipes for both men and women. Although the ingredients seem to be the same, the scents are a bit different. When I opened up my Goodwipes, I was amused that there were two types of wipes: Goodwipes Body Wipes and Goodwipes Below the Belt Cleansing Wipes. The GoodWipes Below the Belt wipes are for uhm . . more intimate areas, and the wipes are touted for use in untrustworthy restrooms, port-a-potties, as well as other below-the-belt uses. You can try those for yourselves.

These are perfect to take with you on a weekend relay (maybe pass them out to everyone in the van) or even to keep in the bottom of your gym bag for when you are in a rush.  So far in Oregon, there are not very many retailers carrying GoodWipes, or check out their website and order online.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes (20 pack for $24)

I’m a man. I sweat. A lot.

What this means for me is a lot of dirt and nasty on my face over the course of my runs, which in turns leads to blemishes and just an all around feeling of gross.

I try to keep my face as clean after a run as I can, but I often find myself on trails and away from civilization so much that I can’t get to really cleaning myself up in a timely manner. Cue zits.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes are an extremely convenient way to keep my face clean. Each individually wrapped face wipe is made of bamboo and features Ursa Major’s “4-in-1 Face Tonic formula“. This includes:

1. Cleanser
2. Exfoliator
3. Healer
4. Hydrator

There are times that I am swamped in stressful meetings, and I just need a little “freshening up” cause I feel stressed, greasy and out of sorts. As a result, I have started tossing these in my workout bag AND my work bag. These would also be perfect for travel, for when you are on a long flight home for the holidays, or in your car en route to your next run-cation.

Being someone who generally try to go as scent-free as possible, their blend of lavender, orange, and fir was actually OK with me. It smells a tad medicinal initially, but I didn’t find the scent as overpowering as I initially feared. It lingers just enough to smell fresh, but not enough that it smells you just were doused with cologne. And no joke, my face feels so much fresher after using these – it’s almost like a little boost of energy by waking my face up! Overall, these are something I could see having on hand for years to come.

You can purchase these online in a variety of locations, from their website to Amazon.

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