Gear Review: Get your glow on with Glimmer Gear!

Glimmer Gear

I love the concept of Glimmer Gear. I firmly believe in gearing up in bright, reflecting and flashing gear. I’ve almost been hit in broad daylight in bright gear and an umbrella and flashing lights, so I’m particularly cautious when it comes to running at dusk or dark, and I’m always happy to add some more running safety gear to my collection.

Glimmer Gear arm sleeves. – Photo by Marilyn Tycer

I received a pair of Glimmer Gear LED Arm Sleeves ($59.99, available in S, M, L) to test out. The Glimmer Gear sleeves come in three color options: black with white/red lettering, yellow with black/red lettering, and white with black/pink lettering. The brand name is printed in very large lettering across the sleeve. I personally prefer to keep brand logos and text to a minimum–if the Glimmer Gear lettering had a function besides just marketing (for example, reflective ink for safety), I wouldn’t mind as much. 

Each moisture wicking polyster sleeve has a strip of LED lights powered by two 3V button batteries (four batteries total, included). The LED strip is removable, feels fairly comfortable on my arm. The battery pack is a bit large compared to the battery packs on some of my other pieces of gear, but isn’t cumbersome, and I liked the rubberized band on the inside of the upper arm to help keep the band in place. There are three power options: off, on, and flashing. Replacement batteries and LED light strips are available from Glimmer Gear as well.

While the price may seem high, it’s worth investing in a quality piece of running safety gear that you will actually use. Since I tend to get really hot when I run and like to roll up my sleeves or roll down my arm sleeves, I’ll probably only wear the Glimmer Gear sleeves when walking or for short distances during the winter. Glimmer Gear also makes a hat, vest, jacket, waist pouch, dog collar, as well as customized LED arm sleeves.

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