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Kickstarter of the Week: Hi-Vis Jacket Reimagined by Paris-London By Kiêu-Hanh

Product: Hi-Vis Jacket Reimagined by Paris-London By Kiêu-Hanh Location: London, UK Kickstarter End Date: November 28, 2015 Current Pledge: $2,964 of $6,080 Over the past week or so, I have noticed that it has finally started to feel a little like Fall. My morning runs have been pleasant, but a little chillier and darker than I have been used to. I am making sure to keep myself visible, but that can be a hassle at times. While I love that I have a wide array of reflective gear - from ankle LED's to button size flashers, to reflective strips and vests, it's always nice to have a solid top that doesn't require more preparation than just pulling it on. From the campaign:

The idea came when I was looking for a high-visibility jacket but couldn’t find the perfect one – a functional, high quality and stylish jacket. Most of the jackets I came across were made from poor quality nylon or polyester; and lacked elegance and refinement with unsophisticated reflective stripes and logos. I started this project with the mission to reimagine the yellow Hi-Vis jacket with the goal of making visibility elements a beautiful part of the design.

While LED lights help you be safe at night, a bright jacket is still essential to keep you visible during the day and warm especially if you cycle or run early in the morning and during winter. Some cycling and running jackets on the market are plain black/grey, making them low-key in the daytime, which won’t keep you safe.

The human eye is more sensitive to the yellow portion of the visible spectrum; therefore sticking to fluorescent yellow is highly recommended. The problem here isn’t so much about the colour itself but more about the overall look and style of most Hi-Vis jackets. This has a significant impact as most of us avoid wearing them for that specific reason or end up opting for a jacket that is not as visible as it could be, compromising our safety on the road. High-visibility doesn’t need to be ugly and it’s time to fix it.

Inspired by the classic and iconic bomber jacket, it brings you a perfect blend of elegance and comfort with a modern twist.

Some of us wear a backpack when cycling so instead of adding reflective elements in the back of the jacket, we decided to laser-cut some beautiful oval elbow patches to increase your visibility at night and add a touch of originality. Your elbows will instantly light up when caught by car headlamps.

You can pledge for about $150 USD under the current campaign. While that will be more than you may pay for your current reflective gear, the quality of the material is designed to last for years to come. With the jacket being “Designed in Paris. Made in England”, the creators like to help support local businesses, bring manufacturing back to the UK, and push forward the entrepreneurial spirit. Expect delivery in March 2016.

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