Gear Review: Amare Terra’s Natural Sports Odor Eliminator

Between my runs, hours spent at the gym and three boys, we can definitely be an odoriferous family. I was excited to try out Amare Terra’s Natural Sports Odor Eliminator to remedy the stink. I think I was expecting a miracle product after reading the 100% stink free guarantee. I loved the guarantee almost as much as the fact that this product is made from completely natural ingredients, all essential oils and is in a pump can, not aerosol.

I was optimistic with it eliminating smells, but was concerned the essential oils might leave marks on clothing, especially when the directions note to spray the items 3-5 times after each use. Fortunately, that was not the case and nothing was stained. I didn’t test it on anything super light, but it didn’t leave grease marks or any residue on the items I used. With some of the technical shirt materials that wick away moisture, they often hold in smells. I was definitely more generous than 3-5 sprays since I know my test samples were especially fragrant and included quite a bit of material. It did leave them stink free, just like the guarantee.

I think in my head, I was expecting scent free and that’s not the case with Amare Terra’s Natural Sports Odor. It leaves a scent, but it’s not the sticky perfume smell that you get with a lot of deodorizers and products for the wash. It was just a natural lemon-mint scent, which was a relief. I was concerned this might leave my stuff smelling like patchouli, with it being all natural and friendly for the environment, but was happily surprised. It’s not just covering up smells like a lot of things I’ve tried with products just trying to cover up the stink that’s still there. This really does seem to pull some of the smells out, instead of just masking them. I’m excited it’s natural, nicer to the environment and has a pleasant smell. It wasn’t quite the miracle product I was expecting. It didn’t leave my shoes without a smell, but I’ll take the lemony-mint scent any day over my rancid stench.

Amare Terra’s Natural Sports Odor Eliminator

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