A Run Oregon review of Extend Nutrition: Not your average bar

Extend Nutrition is a unique snack "[that] are designed to outlast and outperform other nutritional products – the secret is our scientifically developed Nutra9 Blend™ of ingredients.  Originally developed by Dr. Francine Kaufman, M.D. (a world-renowned endocrinologist, published author, and expert in metabolism), the Nutra9 Blend™ is a patented combination of proteins, fats and complex carbohydrates that helps control blood sugar for up to 9 hours. "   I can't pretend to understand some of the science of that or even pronounce some of the ingredients, but it is pretty yummy!  After chatting with a sports nutritionist about glycemic index and how important the fuel we put in our body can keep us going or cause us to crash, it would appear that this is the snack to satisfy the desire for something a little sweet, (maybe something quick to grab and stuff in your gym bag or eat as you run out the door...) and something to help stabilize blood sugar to keep your energy up and moving.I have been in the habit in the not too distant past to put myself on the roller coaster ride of quick foods to provide a burst of quick energy but it fades too soon for the crash that make me feel sick and fatigued.

Well, summer fun and adventures have had me running out the door with everyone fed and dressed and myself neglected.  I was starting to feel it…I grabbed one of the bars for a post breakfast (“It’s gonna be a long time till lunch”) days and though I was hungry and ready to have some food, I was not a space cadet who couldn’t grab on to the sentences said to me or unable to form a thought other than “Foooood.  Feed me…” I would say that I had a good experience overall with the claims the company makes.

Being given the opportunity to try these bars and crisps, I want to throw out thedisclaimer now that I am in no way a dietitian and my thoughts and ideas about nutrition generally fall along the lines of “if it’s vegetarian, I’ll consume it”.  Protein to carb ratios?  I’ve heard the phrase before.   Whatever your philosophy, if you are looking for a protein bar or yummy snack, check out Extended Nutrition.

One more quick disclaimer would be that my home is not reflective of average conditions in this summer heat and being one step cooler than the plain of Hades itself, I was not surprised to find that when I opened one of the chocolate coated bars, it was a bit melted.  If your home is not under the constant rays of the summer sun, they’ll probably be just fine. However, if you like to carry your nutrition bars with you to eat immediately after a run, you might want to stash the coated bars in a lunch box or cooler back at the car (or whatever is applicable for your running routine).  

The two chocolate coated bars (or victims of my “it’s hotter in here than outside” house) are the Cookies and Cream “anytime bar” with 0g sugar, 0g “net carbs” as per the front of the wrapper (but the nutrition label reads Total Carbohydrate 22g), 10g protein, 140 calories and contains Vitamin A 25%, Calcium 30%, Iron 30%, Phosphorus 6% and the Chocolate and Caramel “anytime bar” with 0g sugar, 0g net carbs (same as above with the nutrition label on the back reading Total Carbohydrate 22g), 10g protein, 130 calories, and also contains Vitamin A 25%, Calcium 30%, Iron 35% and Phosphorus 8%.


Both the Cookies and Cream and the Chocolate and Caramel had a hint of a mineral taste.  This was so slight that I only bring it up to be honest that I did taste it for a moment. It’s nothing like a popular name brand bar most of us have probably sampled at a race expo or after a race at the finish line with free samples. Extend Nutrition is quite delicious (and when compared to the other name brand, I feel like I have to choke down the mineral taste with a lot of water).  I ate the Cookies and Cream and then ventured off into the evening heat for a five-mile run.  I am very happy to report that I experienced no gastrointestinal upset or any other forms of regret for having enjoyed this treat before hand.  As you can imagine, having gone through that test, my not so “strong as steel” gut did very well with the Chocolate and Caramel” as a post training run treat.

The Mixed Berry is also an “anytime bar” and contains 1g of sugar, 2g “net carbs” (as per the front of the wrapper and the nutrition label on the back reads Total Carbohydrate 21g), 12 g protein, 150 calories, and contains Vitamin C 2%, Calcium 4%, Iron 10%, Phosphorus 10%.

Mixed Berry was my favorite bar and I can’t believe it has so little sugar in it.  It is a light and crisp bar, not dense or chewy like a typical protein bar and had no mineral type flavors whatsoever that I could detect.  It reminded me of a breakfast granola bar and a pretty good breakfast choice at 12 grams of protein.

The “anytime crisps” serve as a perfect snack for…. anytime.  The Caramel Drizzle contains sugar 2g , Total Carbohydrate 17g,  protein 6g , 130 calories and contains Calcium 3%, Iron 5%, Phosphorus 2%.  

I saved the best for last, though taste is relative and it was hard to pick an absolute favorite.  I will go ahead and claim that the crisps are my favorite between the addicting taste of the mild sweet and the satisfying crunch in the texture along with the simple joy of being able to reach for another delightful crisp after having finished the one I had savored before was gone. They were gone too fast, though each bag contains approximately 9 crisp wafers.   One package is satisfying and at 130 calories for one bag (one serving size) I’ll take it.

Checking out the website for Extend Nutrition, I’ve happened upon a link for 30% off a starter kit and after clicking that, my facebook account offers an advertisement that states that there is a coupon code: FB30 for 30% off your purchase.  Let me know what you think!


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