Shoe Review: Topo Magnifly – First Impressions

topo athletic

Shoes are the base and foundation of every runner – literally! You get to love a shoe, then it gets redesigned or your body changes, and your favorite suddenly doesn’t work anymore. Trying something new can be scary. I’ve recently had to switch shoe brands, so when to got the chance to try the new Topo Magnifly shoes (which I had never heard of before), I was excited about the opportunity.

The first thing I thought when I took the Magnifly out of the box was “I love the wide toe box!” Trying them on, my feet felt at home. The 5mm heel to toe drop is comfortable, the cushioning just thick and soft enough to make my heels happy. The shoes are very light weight, making stepping and running effortless.

Topo Magnifly

So far I have worn the Magnifly around the house (for the first day), running errands, and on two or three 3-mile runs. Now that I know that I won’t get blisters, I will use them exclusively for running, not daily wear. The wide toebox really agrees with my feet; I never get the “toes are restricted” feeling as the miles tick by.

Topo Athletics strives to produce “natural wear” shoes. The Magnifly has a natural, comfortable feel with a little more cushion than most minimalist shoes on the market, which offers more protection on uneven surfaces as well as pavement.

Topo Magnifly

Overall, my first impression of this shoe is very favorable. I look forward to using it on longer runs as my feet get used to the decreased heel to toe drop.

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