The Obsessed Fortysomething Runner: What’s better, running or finishing a run?

Here at Run Oregon, it goes without saying that we all love running. But what's the best part of running, the running itself, or being done with the run?

For me, it varies. If I’m visiting a new place, it’s a great feeling to go running at an easy pace while taking in the scenery. Or if it’s been gray and drizzling for too many days in a row, that first sunny day is like a beacon to go outside and run free.

But … it’s hard to beat the feeling I get when I’ve finished a hard run and I’m chowing down on a Chipotle burrito or a Five Guys hamburger.

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Law prof by day, runner all the time. Got off the couch in January 2011 and have been obsessed with running ever since.
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