Guest Post: Washington’s Oldest 12k – Sound to Narrows Run

Sound to Narrows Run

There’s no denying that runners like to chat about everything related to running and events, and I’m no exception. My eyes light up when someone tells me about a new run, or in this case an old run, but new to me. I know my cycle classes get tired of hearing about upcoming events, but I just can’t control myself. I chat it up, but definitely prefer to hear about new runs, triathlons, etc. Rachel is a regular in cycle class and I loved her notes about the Sound to Narrows Run in Tacoma.

‘It’s nice to get out of town and visit our neighbors up North now and then.  Saturday, June 13th, I ran the Sound to Narrows in Tacoma, WA.  This 12K is always the second Saturday in June and it’s been around for 43 years.  There’s always a good turnout and a nice mix of people there.

Sound to Narrows 2015

The course is nice and shaded for the most part.  There were a few small hills and one really good one at mile 7!  It takes you through Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, near the beautiful waters of Puget Sound.

The race is sponsored by Roman Meal bread and there was a guy dressed up as a Trojan warrior.  In past years they would give a loaf of bread to all the finishers. There wasn’t any bread this year, but I did get a cool clip-on light shaped like a pink ribbon and one sponsor gave out some lip balm, which I always appreciate!

The proceeds went to a MultiCare community health program and even though there wasn’t as large of a turnout as previous years, it still had a good community feel to it.

This was the first race I ever ran back in 1995 with my mom, sister, and brother.  Although we haven’t gone every year, we made an extra effort to go this year.’  ~ Rachel Woody

Rachel and family at their 20th ‘Runniversary’ 1995/2015

I’m excited to read her recap for a couple of reasons.  First off, I love to have new events on the radar. The Sound to Narrows Run includes a 12k (7.46 mile) run sponsored b Roman Meal Company and this is Washington state’s oldest 12k. There’s also a 5k (3.1 mile) run sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and stuff for the little ones too. For kids 4-11, there is a 2k (1.2 mile) Junior Shuffle sponsored by Wells Fargo and a 20 yard Diaper Dash sponsored by Fred Meyers for those 3 and under. It’s always fun to find new races, but I also love this recap for sentimental reasons. I love how running brings people together and the memories it creates. I’m excited to add ‘runniversary’ to my vocabulary and even more excited to make some with friends and family.

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