Chug, run, burp, chug: a race recap of the inaugural Ecliptic Beer Mile [5/31/2015]

The 2015 Inaugural Ecliptic Beer Mile was AWESOME. While I typically prefer to put in some solid miles, and then sit down, kick back, and leisurely enjoy my beer, I did feel like it was my duty to represent Run Oregon at the inaugural Ecliptic Beer Mile, as fellow beer lover Matt was unable to attend.

Since I was running the Twelve Bridges Relay on Saturday, I needed to pick up my packet the morning of the race. My DD Jacob and I arrived plenty early to ensure that we would get a good parking spot, and have time to check in and get settled. While a beer mile event sounds like it could be somewhat chaotic, the Ecliptic Beer Mile was very well organized while still maintaining a fun and carefree atmosphere.

Packet pickup was quick and easy (it was nice to see Mary of NoPo Running Club volunteering at the event!) and Ecliptic Brewing opened at 8:00am to serve runners and participants. The shirts are dark grey cotton unisex with a simple but nice design, and were included with the race entry. Jacob and I staked out a table where we could sip on our coffee and people watch until the event started. There were ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE–speedy runners, frat boy-types, moms and dads, hipsters, everyone! It was pretty entertaining to see.

The event itself is not an official beer mile. Due to city regulations, there wasn’t allowed to be any drinking on the course. Instead, participants were organized into waves of 50 and given beer. After the horn blew, participants crossed the first timing mat into the chug zone, chugged their beer (about 10-12oz), and took off running. The course was an out and back along Mississippi, downhill for the first half, and uphill for the last half.

I started a few waves back. When it was our turn, I drank my beer fairly quickly and took off running. Going down the hill was fast and fun. All around me, I could hear people burping–some quietly, and some just letting it rip. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud–and let out a burp or two as well. Coming back up the hill was rough, especially when I started to really feel the beer in my stomach about 3/4 of a mile into the race. Although I only had 1/4 of a mile left, I could feel my belly start to bloat, and the beer was sitting heavily in my stomach. I was eager to cross the finish line and get an official time, and was glad that I could relax and wait for my stomach to settle before using the beer ticket for another round. They brewed a special pale ale just for the event–the Running Man Nebula pale ale, made with Pale Malt and Calypso hops (4.5% ABV and 36 IBU). It was a good craft beer for chugging, and also for enjoying after the race.

There were Ecliptic brewing prizes for the age division winners, as well as live music and cornhole too. I ordered some food, a mushroom tart that was DELICIOUS, and we hung out for a while. There was lots of seating, both indoors and outdoors, and the wait staff was really friendly and accommodating.

The inaugural Ecliptic Beer Mile was incredibly fun, and is an event that I would definitely enjoy doing again.


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