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Product Review: Fitkicks Shoes

Logo taken from Fitkicks website

As most of you can attest, our feet tend to get pretty sore after a long, hard race. Mine are definitely no different! I've been thinking about finding a nice pair of sandals or slippers to buy for the post-race drive home for quite some time now, but as with most things lately, it's a thought that keeps getting pushed into the back of my mind. When the opportunity came up to try Fitkicks shoes, I was very excited to put them into action right away.

The first thing I noticed when they arrived, was the nice color design and study manufacturing that seemed to have gone into its creation. When I put them on, I liked how the shoe itself was very flexible and offered expand-ability with the guaranteed swelling that always accompanies my runs. The sole itself was sturdy, but also relatively flexible, with a nice honeycomb grid that provides some added grip while you move about.

For several weeks now I have used these slipper shoes for grocery shopping, running errands, the post-race drive home, as well as during my PiYo and Yoga workouts. They have become a great go-to shoe for quick trips out to the car when I realize I forgot something (usually my morning coffee mug!) as well…

The only downside I can find so far, (and likely won’t be an issue for many of you) is that their largest size is a Women’s XL (size 10-11). I normally wear a women’s (gulp!) size 11, so without swelling, they seem to be at that almost-too-small size. When I run, I wear a size women’s 12 shoe, and with swelling, my feet become that size you only read about it in books. With that being said, I’ve still used these after a race because their flexibility to expand sideways is STILL more comfortable than the confines of my sweaty running shoes on the way home. They are also only in women’s sizes at this time.

Overall, I really enjoy these convenient shoes. They currently come in just 4 color variations, but would appeal to most anyone’s color fancy. At just under $18 each with free shipping, these would make a great addition to your fitness as well as running wardrobe.

$18 on Amazon

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5 Comments on Product Review: Fitkicks Shoes

  1. Thanks for your review. I was thinking of buying these and guess what. . . I am a women s size 12 . I was searching for a men’s version when I found your review. Glad to know they don;t stretch lengthwise before purchasing! Size 12’s unite 🙂

  2. Thanks for the awesome review Chere’! You will both be happy to know, FITKICKS now offer men’s versions available in black and navy, that could accommodate your size. 🙂

  3. KAREN CHAPMAN // July 26, 2016 at 7:26 AM // Reply

    I work in a grocery store and have been trying to find a comfortable shoe to withstand 6 – 8 hours of standing.. Most of my sneakers cause my toes to be pinched.. no matter how wide I get them.. Maybe the way I stand.. But will these be enough support for that??

  4. FitKicks wearer // August 27, 2016 at 8:44 AM // Reply

    I just bought a pair on clearance for $5 at the grocery store of all places. It looks like the website sells a men’s version now, but the XL Womens works for my size 11 foot. I really like them so far for around the house, and think they would be a great gift for people spending time in a hospital. They are surprisingly warm too.

  5. I love mine so much I bought a 2nd pair, but I’ve been disappointed in how they hold up. Each has developed different issues after less than 2 months sporadic wear. The first pari started coming unstitched at the toe–they reimbursed me; now (after less than 1 month–worn only inside) the 2nd pair’s elastic strap is coming unstitched on the outside. The shoes are super comfortable, and seem sturdy other than these issues, but I wish they held up better.

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