Kickstarter of the Week: Kippo Shorts

Product: Kippo Athletic Shorts
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Kickstarter End Date: April 23, 2015
Current Pledge: $43,928 of $50,000
Website: Kippo Shorts

We are going to stick with shorts again for this week’s Kickstarter of the Week. Kippo Shorts have recently been featured by Techweek, and selected for their FashionTECH runway shows. These shorts allow athletes to work out and not have to worry about losing their phones when running, doing plyometrics or cross training, or doing any weight training. While we may not fully be in 100% agreeement with their statement that “armbands suck because they inhibit movement and make it difficult to access smartphones”, we know that armbands aren’t for everyone.  From their campaign:

That improved experience begins with a simple, integrated design. The Kippo pocket is so secure athletes can walk on their hands and smartphones won’t fall out. Once upright again, pulling out the smartphone is typically faster than reaching inside a standard pocket. “We call it the Kippo pop. Locate the logo with your fingertip, pinch, pop, and pull out your phone. Unlike unstrapping or unzipping, it’s fast and easy,”

One thing that is great is that you don’t have to remove your smartphone from it’s case. I have had issues with this over the years when trying to slide it into an armband or even a lap belt. I don’t want to have to removed my case every single day when I run, so that is great the Kippo is able to securely fit around most phones – in a cover or out.

The iPhone 6/5/4, Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3, and most other standards smarthphones are all able to be used.

Right now, you can grab a pair for $49 or $95 for two.


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