Product Review: Kiava Endurance Bra and GIVEAWAY (and discount!)


KIAVA “Endurance Bra” in blush pink. (Photo Credit: KIAVA website). I’m too body conscious to put a photo of me wearing it online. Sorry everyone.

Sports bras. I mean, they are an absolute necessity for running, right ladies? A short time ago, someone asked me what the most important piece of running gear I use is. I laughed, probably a little too much since it was a guy who asked, and said, “Well … I don’t know about you, but my most important piece of running gear is a sports bra.” Then sunglasses. Then shoes. In that order. I feel pretty guilty that I made him blush, but sometimes you gotta lay it out just like it is.

So, since sports bras are at the top of my list, you would think I had already found the perfect one for me? Nada. Although it holds the highest importance, it is, for me, the most difficult item to find something that is even ‘adequate’.

Front view of Kiava Endurance Bra

Front view of KIAVA Endurance Bra

In steps KIAVA. KIAVA is an active wear sports line based in Utah. This small, family owned business offers clothing that is flattering, beautiful and unique. Currently, KIAVA offers a generous selection of halters and tops, sports bras, skorts, capris and jackets. All of the items are made to pair fantastically together to create beautiful, unique outfits. “At KIAVA, we want you to look and feel great as you are out doing what you love most.” Nice, all of this really speaks to me as a consumer, and a woman.

Lately, I’ve been trying out the KIAVA Endurance Bra. The item arrived very, very quickly to my door step. When I opened the package, the gorgeous blush pink color of the bra was so vibrant and on-trend. The back straps where a tad tricky to figure out at first; I am not used to all the fanciness! I just looked at one of the models on the website wearing the product and was quickly able to deduce how to do it properly (I am sure I will be the only one who didn’t immediately know how to get it put on correctly … I’m unique like that).

Kiava Endurance Bra materials: 90% polyester, 10% spandex. Wash with like colors in cold water. Hang to dry (and treat nicely!)

KIAVA Endurance Bra materials: 90% polyester, 10% spandex. Wash with like colors in cold water. Hang to dry (and treat nicely!)

This past weekend, I raced in the Ft. Vancouver 12k proudly sporting the KIAVA Endurance Bra. It didn’t disappoint. Not only did I feel pretty wearing it, the Endurance Bra does exactly what it is intended to do; keep everything in place. I found that the extra straps actually make a difference, as all the important parts stayed where they were supposed to (okay ladies, this is kind of difficult to write in a “PC” manner without going into the details!). The fabric is not thin and “see-thru”, but it is thicker (not TOO thick!) and makes the KIAVA Endurance Bra have a higher end look and feel to it.

You know how sometimes a sports bra can chafe around your arms, in the “arm pit” area, when you have a wide range of arm movement during exercise? I am prone to chafing here as I have a “petite” body frame, and items generally need to be cut different for us petite ladies for us to fit into them as the product is intended. I’m pleased to report the KIAVA Endurance Bra did not cause any irritation – win!

KIAVA Endurance Bra: Inside view of the front. The cups are unlined.

KIAVA Endurance Bra: Inside view of the front. The cups are unlined.

What is so noteworthy about KIAVA is how all of their products pair, and layer, so gorgeously together. For my upcoming The San Francisco Marathon event in July, I am contemplating wearing the KIAVA Endurance Bra, Petal Skort, and Scoop Top to race my 26.2 miles in style. In fact, I want to share with all of you a discount for 20% KIAVA products! Use code OREGON20 for 20% off of any order!

And – KIAVA is so awesome that the company ships internationally (US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK). Now I can share this beautiful clothing line with all my running friends around the world.

Let me know what your most important piece of running gear is – ladies and gents! I haven’t altered my top three running items of necessity in a very long time, but you never know … I’m always willing to make adjustments!

There will be two opportunities to win:

1. Enter our Rafflecopter giveaway by clicking through and liking thier Facebook page.

2. Head to the KIAVA Instagram page, follow them, and tag @run_oregon AND your friends to enter.