Kickstarter of the Week Revisited: Shrine Boxers

Shrine Boxers was a part of my My Favorite Things: Men’s Underwear post. It was in the running for our “Kickstarter of the Week” and their campaign ended in December 2014. We checked back in with them to see what they have been up to. They were successfully funded over the course of the campaign and have now moved on to continue their line worldwide.

Here is a reminder of the initial write-up from December 2014.

Shrine Boxers are engineered for: 

  • Comfort: Fabric is a super-soft, breathable, moisture-wicking micro-mesh fiber. Plus, we added a velvety waistband backing for extra comfort.
  • Style: Bold designs for bold men! We are the 1st brand that lets YOU design our waistbands and color combos, which are then voted into production by The Shrine community. This means no more BORING underwear with another man’s name printed around your package.
  • Performance: Technically designed so they never ride up or give you wedgies. The extra bit of spandex gives you the maneuverability and durability you need so your underwear will never hold you back. Don’t believe us? Take the lunges test and see what we mean.
  • Heat Management: Your “Nether Region” produces a lot of heat and moisture. Our breathable micro-mesh fabric pulls that moisture away from your body. No more Swamp A**.
  • Practicality:  3 types of underwear in ONE pair. We’ve combined the best elements of your everyday casual pair ($10), your work out pair ($20) and your night on the town pair ($25) to create the Ultimate Underwear. That’s $50+ worth of underwear for less than half the price.

I was able to get my hands on a couple of pairs (and my body in them) and are very impressed with them. I received both color styles of the boxer-briefs (blue-gray and red-black).

imageFit: This, to me, is the most important part of any undergarment. The fit is very nice and snug. They measure with a true waist measurement – which may require some additional measuring. As a 33-34 waist, I was probably pushing it with a Large size, because that’s generally where I fit into the sizing spectrum in other clothes. I think I would have been fine with a Medium, but the large fit just right.

After wearing a few times (with washes in between), I can say that they have met my expectations of a well constructed pair of underwear. Their creator has this to say about his product:

I found an amazing microfiber mesh fabric that is soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking keeping you cool and fresh even when you are hitting it hard at the gym. I worked with a top technical designer to cut the underwear so no more wedgies, chaffing or legs riding up.

Both of his claims have been met in my time with these pairs. They have fit snugly in place regardless of my activity level. From sitting around, to wrestling to the kids, to going for a short run, these have held up with the need for “unnecessary picking”. Sorry for that visual.

The fabric is also surprisingly soft. The first time I pulled them out and felt how light they were, I was expecting less support – they are just really lightweight and soft to the touch. However, they have been a solid middle ground between the hardcore compression and your run of the mill boxer-briefs.

Look: The look of these is simplistic and minimalistic. There are no gaudy logos plastered on the waistband or all over the fabric. There is simply a small Stride Boxers logo on the right leg. They are also keeping things simple with two classic color relatively classic color combinations. The Kickstarter campaign also allowed backers to vote on the type of waistband they wanted, and the most subdued (and my favorite) was selected. There is much room for personalization and expansion, but this is a great starting point.

I will also say that I was impressed that all Kickstarter orders were shipped by February 10th – which was right in line with what they stated. Some Kickstarter campaigns have a habit of long delays and not living up to the anticipated ship dates. Shrine Boxers made sure stuff was completed on time – which is an absolute must in my book for new companies.

Both boxers and boxer-briefs currently run at $19.99.

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