Race Preview: Hot Chocolate 15k/5k in Seattle

I raced the Hot Chocolate 15/5k for the first time last year and reviewed it back when I was guest blogger, and while a lot has changed for me and Run Oregon since then, we can probably still count on this event being pretty amazing.

If it’s anything like last year, there will be a lot to love about it. The site still looks and feels great, making it very easy to register and access all the details you’ll need for race day.  Hopefully as historically, this will just be your first window into how well coordinated this race is.

Another great addition to this race is the race shirt exchange at packet pickup.  I’ve said it before and may again – it’s genius and so very much appreciated that this race makes it easy to ensure you’ve got a race shirt that’s not only great quality, but fits perfectly to boot. (If the website is to be believed, the shirts for this year also look especially great.)

Other amenities: easy gear check, runner reconnect spaces, friendly, well coordinated race and post-race festivities, hot chocolate and delicious chocolate fondue, track bag and swanky race medal.

Race Vitals:

Where: Seattle Center

When: Sunday, March 1st; 6:45 am for the 5k-ers and 7:45 am for the 15k-ers

How Much: 15k: $69

5k: $44

To Note – This is turning into a pretty large event so race day packet pickup is not available. I recommend getting over to the expo the day before, it’s great fun and there’s lots of vendors and activities for adults and kids alike.  (And you can switch out your shirt if you need a different size.)


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