Race Recap: Frostbite Run, Talent OR

The Frostbite Run is one that the name can be taken literally, and although it wasn’t the polar vortex of a winter we had last year this was a cold morning for a run! When I showed up to Talent Middle School where the run began everyone was parking directly across the street at the Elementary school which provided plenty of spots for the runners. The race began at noon for the 10k and 12:30 for the 5k which was nice because if it were in the early morning it would have been much colder than the 42 my iPhone app says it was when we took off.

I was a late registration and it was really smooth to grab my bib and a pre race snack.
Starting at Talent Middle School heading out on Foss and out to Colver the course had a couple surprise hills that I hadn’t expected, they weren’t monsters, but a nice challenge to this scenic run. There was one aid station perfectly placed in my opinion right at about mile 2.5, so after turning around you could get a second cup of water which was nice.

Starting line at the Frostbite Run 2015

I was surprised by the turn out of the event with 83 10k finishers, and 101 5k finishers I would say that Southern Oregon isn’t afraid of a cold run! Post race goodies and awards were inside the cafeteria of the school, and I must say the spread was good. There were things like cookies, bananas and coffee, but i think more than anything everyone was enjoying the warmth inside.

I would say that this has become a new favorite and one I will circle my calendar for. Its nice to have these events in the winter to keep motivated and have something to work for over the holidays. I appreciate the work of all the volunteers who helped keep traffic at bay, and Southern Oregon Runners for a great event.

Runners post race enjoying some goodies and warmth.

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