Race recap: PRC Winter 5K Race Series, Race #1

Over 100 runners showed up at the Portland Running Company in Beaverton on Sunday, December 28th, for the first of three 5Ks in the PRC Winter Race Series. The warm, roomy running store was a great base for the event, and runners signed up, relaxed on the soft benches, and browsed the shoes and running gear on display as they waited for the race to begin.

Race shirts were being screened on the spot, and the aroma of fresh pancakes wafted through the store (actually, a kind of pre-race torture for my empty stomach, but something to look forward to at the finish!)

The starting line was a block away, which provided a nice warm-up jog. PRC’s Dave Harkin provided his usual complete and good-natured pre-race instructions. The air was crisp, but a great racing temperature, and the lack of wind and rain was a nice bonus.

The out-and-back course was well-marked with cones and thoroughly staffed with volunteers at all the turns and intersections. The first mile was along a wide and traffic-free street, and the runners were led by a PRC van driven by masters cross-country champion Greg Mitchell.

After a slight climb and a downhill, the course headed onto the Fanno Creek paths toward the turnaround. One tight corner, a few puddles, and the turnaround cone added some variety, and then runners returned the way they had come, getting the chance to cheer on their friends.

The hill on the way back didn’t turn out to be as daunting as I had expected, and soon we were making the final charge back toward the finish along the wide avenue. Dave Harkin’s voice could be heard providing a race commentary from the finish line as runners approached.

Finishers grabbed bottles of water and headed back to the store, where pancakes, Peet’s coffee, and a 20% off store discount awaited. The overall winners received custom scarves, hand-knit by Paula Harkin herself, and age-group winners were awarded ribbons. In addition to the standard results, age-graded series results were also computed. Full results can be found HERE.

The next race in the series in January 25th, followed by the grand finale on February 22nd. The last race will be a “predict” format, where the winners will be the runners who come closest to correctly predicting their finish time (so leave your watches at home – or at least in your car).

Results for race #1

Men’s Open:
1. John Clifford*, 52, Sherwood, 17:41
2. Taylor Overmiller, 25, Portland, 17:43
3. Joe Dudman*, 50, Portland, 17:57

Women’s Open:
1. Brittney Forster*, 40, Tigard, 21:10
2. Colleen Smith, 28, Portland, 21:29
3. Alexis Kebbe, 13, Beaverton, 21:39

Men’s Masters:
1. Michael Gorriaran, 54, Portland, 19:00
2. Eddie Diaz, 59, Portland, 20:27
3. Glenn Armstrong, 43, Tigard, 21:11

Women’s Masters:
1. Teresa Wymetalek, 42, Beaverton, 23:42
2. Laura Davies, 43, Portland, 23:53
3. Darla Samuelson, 52, Tigard, 23:57

*Denotes masters

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