Music to our Ears: Run Oregon review of Sony Walkman headphones

Run Oregon sometimes receives products to review. We recently received a few pairs of headphones to keep ourselves company on our longest runs this winter. Here are our impressions of:

Teresa: Sony Walkman Sports MP3 (MSRP: $89.99)

Everybody in the 80’s either had or wanted a Sony Walkman. They were clunky, heavy and sounded like you were playing your cassette tape through a tin can, but at the time they were RAD. Sony has a new Walkman out. This one is a little smaller, a little lighter, sounds way better and best of all you can even swim in it. For a tri girl like me, that is a HUGE deal. One of the things I hate most about getting my laps in is how boring it is. With the new Sony Walkman, I can bring a whole new energy to what is normally a boring workout.

The headphones are pretty much two small ear pieces similar in size to small Bluetooth headsets connected by a rubber band. They are lightweight and surprisingly comfortable. The earpieces fit well and stay in my ears. The headphones come with different size rubber earpieces to try so they should fit everybody. These could seriously be noise-blocking headphones, because with them on, you don’t hear anything but your music. I’m not sure I would want to wear these on a run with traffic, but on a trail run or closed course, they would be great. I have to say it took me a little while to get use to the controls and figure them out.

They are very small buttons and it can be a little easy to get them confused, but over time, you get the hang of them. When you do press one of the controls, a little voice tells you what you pressed, which is helpful when you are trying to skip or pause while running. Best of all, there are no headphone wires to get tangled in or have to tuck into a shirt or jacket.

This is an MP3/4 player, so you can download your favorite music. There are programs that you can use to help move music onto the Sony Walkman, but I did it by the old fashion drag and drop method that seems to work fine. The sound quality was excellent. Even swimming the sound quality was just as good as it was above water. You do need to be careful to not get water in your ear before putting on Walkman, as water in the ear will distort the sound quality. It appears that you can get Sony Walkman in either a 4GB or 8GB size.

It comes with a USB dock that both charges the Walkman and allows you to connect with your computer to transfer music. It is compatible with both Windows computers and Macs. The Walkman itself only weighs a little bit over an ounce, so it is not at all cumbersome. The headset has an adjustment band so you can fit it snugly on your head so there is no bouncing when you run or losing it in the pool. It can easily be worn with goggles or glasses.

Overall, I am very excited about these headphones. Primarily I am excited to have music in the pool, but I can see me running in these especially when it is dumping brain. My husband would probably tell you how many iPods I have ruined running with them in the rain. Not an issue with these. Super light, super comfortable and with excellent sound quality, these are a great alternative to your standard MP3 player and corded headphones.
Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.1 oz
  • Battery Life: 7-8 hours on a full charge
  • Battery Type: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Memory: 4 or 8 GB
  • Play Modes: All play, shuffle, or playlist
  • Headphone Type: EX headphones with closed, dynamic 13.5mm dome driver
  • Water Proof: Water proof up to 2 meters
  • 3-minute quick charge will give you 60 minutes of playback
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