Kickstarter of the Week: FitFIT

Product: FitFIT
Location: Irvine, CA
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: September 19, 2014
Current Pledge: $21,214 of $20,000

Gym memberships are confusing. I am a huge supporter of a need for cross-training, yoga, resistance training, and being able to run without getting wet in the dreary winter months. But spending money on start-up costs and monthly dues gets depressing when I would much rather be outside 90% of the time. Enter FitFIT.

FitFIT capitalizes on this dilemma by bringing the gym to YOU. From their campaign:

You can stream live classes to any device no matter where you might be. FitFIT is a fitness platform that combines the best offerings from gyms from across the country into one convenient portal so that you can explore a wide variety of classes when it’s convenient for you. You can pick and choose what workouts you want to do, without all the hang-ups and pressure of actually joining a gym.

Their idea goes above and beyond the DVD fitness workouts many of us have. I, personally, have p90x and Insanity DVD’s in my garage. I utilized both (and loss 35+ pounds in both cases), but they became stagnant after a while. The same person was yelling the same stuff at me day week after week. While I would like to start up again, this keeps me from giving it my all. With FitFIT, there will be live classes with real-life instructors keeping things fresh and new.

And you can take this anywhere you have an internet connection. If you are camping up in the mountains, but close enough to a cell tower – shoot, you can pull out your tablet and get in a yoga session in your tent! Or maybe even get a Boot Camp class in on your lunch break in the park.

Here are the current offerings:

  • Body Sculpting
  • Step
  • TRX Strength in 30
  • CrossFIT
  • Barre
  • Cardio in 30
  • Dance style workouts
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Resistance Band training
  • Yoga (over 12 different types)
  • Swingin’ Seniors
  • Bootcamp
  • Body Weight Classes
  • High Intensity Interval Training Classes
  • Any many more to come…

There are currently 4 studios in California who have agreed to be part of the launch:

All of that, and the initial plan for monthly fee will only be $10! That is hardly even a day pass at most gyms or classes.

FitFIT is planning on a Decemeber 2014 launch and needs some help getting there. They have already surpassed their goal, so this campaign WILL be funded. You can contribute for as little as $10 and get access to their Beta testing. You can give more and be rewarded with FitFIT shirts, access to unlimited classes once they are up and running, as well as even a Chromecast device or iPad Air! I am very intrigued with this venture!

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