So you miss the Run Oregon calendar …

Since taking down the volunteer-created Run Oregon race calendar, we have heard from a number of readers who miss it.

The reason we took it down was simply because we didn’t have the bandwidth to maintain it … race directors were not always quick to send us their information and we spent time chasing down details to include not just the race name and date, but also the venue, link to register and registration costs. But we have an idea to resurrect it, and we need your help …

What we are going to do is create a semi-public access calendar. If you want to help us out by adding events, simply email us at with your name and why you’d like to help. We’ll grant you access and you can add away at your heart’s content – as long as you maintain our format for the race name, and include the vital information (as much as is possible, that is). Same goes for RD’s. If you want to add your event(s), let us know. There will be some general guidelines, but this would be a great place to display race info and highlight discounts!

Run Oregon’s own Marilyn Tycer is giving us a big boost, updating things over the next few weeks, but we need your help so that runners can find ALL local running events in a searchable, public calendar. We’ll also keep the links to other race calendars that we have set up now, since those are also good to have in one place!

So … drop us a line and we’ll get you set up! And thank you, in advance, from the thousands of runners and walkers that you’ll be helping out!

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We started the Run Oregon blog in February 2007, because felt like running in Oregon and SW Washington deserved more positive coverage. We also wanted to level the playing field so that small, non-profit races could compete with big events; and to support local race organizers.

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