Preview: ORRC Greenway Trail Trial (replacing Wildwood Trail Trial)

Runners on the Fanno Creek Trail, near the underpass below Scholls Ferry Road.

Runners on the Fanno Creek Trail, near the underpass below Scholls Ferry Road.

Due to some intense trail work in Forest Park, ORRC was not able to hold the Wildwood Trail Trial on its namesake trail; however they’re still putting on a time trial. This year’s event will be at Greenway Park in Beaverton and offers an out-and-back 10k.

This is a unique event – it’s not a typical race where hundreds of participants all start together; instead, runners and walkers will leave the start line in groups of up to 5 people in two-minute increments. This creates a different race atmosphere – you know when you’re out on a training run and you think, “I can catch that woman in the red shirt before I get to the next street?” This race offers that experience … or you can treat it as a competition against your friends or just the clock … or even a laid-back, relaxed weekend training run! 

With the Trail Trial taking placing on the flat, wide-open Fanno Creek Trail, this year will be even more interesting in terms of competition. You’ll be able to see the other participants from much further back than when the run was held on Wildwood Trail. It almost reminds me of the fall Head Races in which I participated as a collegiate rower – boats would leave the start line two minutes after the previous crew, and we’d literally chase each other down a fight for the right-of-way under narrow bridges and the inside of curves! Making it even more interesting … you don’t know when that person you’re passing started … it could have been four minutes ahead of you or 10 minutes!

The race vitals:

When: Monday, September 1, 2014 (Labor Day)

What time: You can start at any time between 8:30a and 11:45a. (The finish line closes at 12:30p)

Where: Greenway Park, at the corner of Greenway Blvd and Parkview Loop in Beaverton. (Park on the streets off Greenway, including Parkview Loop or Downing)

Register: Online here for $15 if you are an ORRC member and $20 if you are not. (Runners and Walkers that are signed up for the ORRC 10k Series are already registered for this event, just show up.) DOR registration is available for $25.

The Fanno Creek Trail is wide and flat; for that reason running strollers are welcomed as long as the person pushing it is courteous of other participants and does not impede anyone’s race. The trail itself will not be closed to community traffic, so it’s likely you’ll encounter people running or walking, some with dogs; and cyclists. I run on this trail frequently and users seem to be extremely friendly, but keep in mind not all of them will realize there’s a race going on!

Beaverton-based Huber Timing will be chip-timing the event and posting results; but due to the nature of the event, awards are sent out via mail. The person who finishes dead last could actually have the fastest time and be the overall winner!

There are many playgrounds along the trail, including one at Greenway Park and at the adjacent Greenway Elementary. Child care is not offered, but if your kiddos are old enough or you can bring a baby-sitter, they would be able to entertain themselves while you are running. There will be porta-potties for participants and spectators.

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