Race Preview: Hagg Hybrid Marathon, Half, & Relay

“Hagg Hybrid was the collision of two different worlds- the road racers and the trail warriors. It was great to be able to compete alongside people you don’t usually get to toe the line with and with the relay piece we could each run on terrain that is our strength! It’s the best of both worlds! I loved it!” – Shannon Botten, McMinnville

One race that I keep being told I need to try is the Hagg Hybrid, an event that features a half marathon, full, and 2-person relay. The recommendations range from the beautiful backdrop, to the challenging course, to the multiple terrain changes, to the wonderful race director (Run Oregon’s own Kelly Barten). While these are all great things it is often rare that they are all combined into one fantastic event. And I am in this year!

– Photo by Long Run Pictures

First – the backdrop. I have only been to Hagg Lake once, but I remember how beautiful it, and the surrounding area was. There will be picturesque lake views, beautiful wooded areas, and a quiet country environment to run in.

Secondly – the courses. The really cool thing about this race is the blend of road and trail running. There will be roads that surround the lakes, and beautiful canopied forest areas filled with some of the finest trails in the area. While there won’t be major elevation changes, people tell me not to expect a super-fast course. There will be 7 aid stations for the full marathon and 3 on each leg of the marathon relay (4 on the half marathon), filled with Gu, Gu Brew, and other snacks.

The half will be a full loop around the lake with a brief stint on the road followed quickly by some trails. Once runners hit the dam, it’s back to the road. There will be 2 additional transitions from asphalt to trail along the way as well! The marathon will start a loop around the lake on just under 12 miles of pavement. After that section, runners will take to the trails for the remaining 14+ miles. The relay will be the same as the marathon, but you will get to choose with your partner which section you want to run.

Lastly – the people. I could on for days and days about the awesomeness that is the race director. However, she wouldn’t be comfortable with that, not would she want the credit. Where she would want some credit is to the myriad of volunteers and helpers that have assisted over the years so that she can fully focus on making sure your experience is second to none. If you are interested in volunteering for a great race and wonderful people, email the race at

Another cool aspect of this race, is that if you are a Marathon Maniac, Half Fanatic, or just someone who loves running, the race is partnering with the Boring Marathon and Half which will be held the following day. Complete the Hagg Hybrid on Saturday and the Boring race on Sunday and you will get a special beer-filled prize.

Post-race, there will be a hot meal (including vegan options upon request) for everyone – participants and volunteers alike. There will also be snacks in case you aren’t one who is starving after running (like yours truly is). All participants will get a finisher’s mug. I enjoy finisher’s medals, but I appreciate the trend of giving away stuff I will use on a daily basis.

Follow the race on Facebook and register today. Run Oregon will be there in all capacities and would love to see you out there!

Hagg Hybrid Marathon, Half, & Relay (Hagg Lake)
When: 8a on Saturday, September 13
Where: Hagg Lake
Register: Online here; $60 for half, $7o for full, $120 for 2-person relay; Mountain Hardwear Tech shirts for $20

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