Link Round Up: Best of Relay Blogs

Hood to Coast is fast approaching, but it seems we are already in the midst of relay season! I have put together a list of blogs I fall back on a lot for tips, advice, and more. Hoping they may be helpful to you!

As with any advice, please know it is not binding or something that must be adhered too. Take what you need and ignore the rest. Some say get rest, some say you won’t get rest, but most have common advice. Know that these are just tools and your relay experience will be an experience all its own!

One month out is probably too late for the best training, but I always say better late than the day before the race! Check out some training advice here. Our own Run Oregon Blog creator, Kelly Barten, wrote a blog as well for getting started on running relays (like choosing teammates and how to be best organized) here.

Looking for some basics? Check out this Blog by Dave Harkin which covers many of the basics of sound Relay logic, especially concerning HTC.

Runner’s World offers this first time Relay Runner some advice on  how to ease their fears going into a HTC  and Sarah Oual talks about her relay advice for newbies based on her experience from Ragnar here.

Did not get enough tips? Joe English offers some last-minute advice on how to use those last few moments before your relay commences (like taking a break from running Wednesday and Thursday),  a few tips on during the race (and how to have a successful race (Let the mountain carry you down), and of course more on tips for a successful race here.

Packing for a relay? There are plenty! Here is one I like, and my fav is this one by Blond Pony tail, in which she shows pictures on how to pack too.

Want more blogger’s experiences?

  • Hurry Up and Wait is often the name of the game at Hood to Coast!
  • A link to an experience plus links to more here.
  • I liked this one and a very detailed 2012 experience here.
  • But wait- we can’t forget about the other participants of relays!
  • For the Driver
  • For the Volunteers 
  • and people help with spectator’s questions here.
  • Didn’t train? Not ready for for your relay? Then read this 

Did I miss an awesome must have Blog post? Post in the comments to share.

Look for my post coming soon on Relay Logistics: Must Haves