Kickstarter of the Week: FreeWavz Smart Earphones

Product: FreeWavz Smart Earphones
Location: Melbourne, FL
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: August 7, 2014
Current Pledge: $156,587 of $300,000

Sorry for the delay, but after a few week break, Kickstarter of the Week is back again. This week’s installment highlights FreeWavz Smart Earphones.

As a runner who relies on his headphones almost as much as his running shoes, this product sounds solid. They claim to have a bunch of cool features built in – essentially making it a “microcomputer” for your ears. From their website:

  • Audible heart rate and other fitness biofeedback without visual distraction-no need for other fitness devices
  • Hear music and approaching cars-set the mix independently for each ear
  • No annoying wires to catch on your clothes or hair and pull out your earphones
  • Won’t slip-designed by an ear, nose & throat doctor for natural fit
  • Sleek and lightweight-hugs your ears
  • Superior quality sound delivered naturally-no jamming or twisting into your ear.

There is so much techinical information on their Kickstarter site that I could hardly do it justice. I recommend going over there and checking out all the cool stuff expected to be a part of this product.

You can back this project for $239 (all the early-backer discounts have been claimed), and the product is expected to ship in November as the product has already been completed and the campaign will assist with tying up a few final loose ends.

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