Product Review: MyID Sport Emergency ID Bracelet

Endevr's MyID Sport Emergency Road ID Bracelet (Photo Credit: Endevr Website)

Endevr’s MyID Sport Emergency Road ID Bracelet (Photo Credit: Endevr Website)

It’s time to go for a run. House key, check. Shoes, check. Clothes … check. What else could you possibly need? Running is such an uncomplicated sport, that is what I truly love about it. Well, as we unfortunately hear far too often on social media and local news, a lot of runners experience situations on the road or trails that aren’t all fun and games. That’s why I am a huge proponent of medical ID items, and the MyID Sport by Endevr really fits the bill.

I’ve been using the MyID Sport emergency ID bracelet from Endevr for a number of weeks now. Pictured to the left, the clear version with white lettering, is the exact product I have been using. Here are the reasons why I highly endorse this product for your medical ID needs:

1. It is at an excellent price point – this product is $19.95.
2. You have a lot of color choices to select from, at the time of this review, there are 12 color choices available – something for everyone.
3. It is light, water proof, and I forget that I am even wearing it. It’s similar, but different!, to the old “Livestrong” bracelets and the like that were very popular a handful of years ago.
4. The free for one year ($9.95/yr. after) online emergency medical profile is simple and very easy to fill out. It is also comprehensive, and allows you to fill in oodles and oodles of health information, or just the vitals – whatever you feel is important and you are comfortable with.
5. MyID Sportland has a secure medical profile. Security is very important to me, I don’t want a hacker in who knows where getting into my personal information. Endevr has this to say about the security of your personal medical profile, “Security is very important to us. That‘s why we use Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) to make sure your data is safe and sound. Oh and did we mention it’s NSA free, too?”
6. Lifetime warranty.
7. I contacted customer support via e-mail. I received a response that solved my problem in 24 hours. Excellent support if you ever need to contact Endevr.

So here is how the MyID Sport works. You put it on your wrist and can wear it 24/7, or only when you feel the need to (I wear mine 24/7). If something horrible should happen, first responders can easily spot that you have a medical bracelet on. They will flip over the bracelet to locate two methods of accessing your profile. They can use a QR reader, call the telephone number listed on the MyID Sport to reach a live operator 24/7 to gather the needed information. There is an ID and PIN number located on your MyID Sport that is used to access this information by first responders.

MyID is the official emergency ID for the Ironman triathlon. (Photo Credit: Endevr website)

MyID is the official emergency ID for the Ironman triathlon. (Photo Credit: Endevr website)

You can easily update your contact information, emergency contacts, insurance information and medical conditions online. Also, an iPhone and iPod Touch app is available on iTunes that will enable you to update our personal information directly through the app. Your iPhone or iPod Touch can also show the QR code on the lock screen for first responders to access if you don’t have your MyID Sport with you.

Endevr products are available at some local Pacific Northwest stores, including Walgreens and Target. If you want to purchase the products online, shipping is super fast. You can look at the entire selection of all Endevr products, including the MyID (multiple models), Ion Bracelets, and Kinesiology Tape anytime.

Here is a bit of information about the Endevr brand. I had never heard of it before, so I made sure to check into the company, and I like what they stand for. “We have chosen the name ENDEVR™ because we believe the journey is more important than the destination. We believe everyone has an inner life strength capable of fueling incredible accomplishment. Our goal is to stoke the fires of determined effort amidst challenge by bringing innovative products to market that promote the unconquerable spirit within us all.”

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