Race Recap: 2014 Rum Run


– Photo by Geli Heidelberger

One of my favorite events of the year, Energy Events Rum Run did not disappoint this year. In spite of the new course configuration, it was still a great time. As always, the pre-race atmosphere, organization and race elements were as they should be. The only minor hiccup had to do with an issue with the results and the awards were delayed for a time. The music and raffle helped alleviate the boredom of waiting.

As was my habit, I was signed up for the 10K. I really like the area the course runs through and the competition in general tends to be tougher in the longer event. The new course had us going out through Cook Park in the direction that the original course used to finish. We spent a lot more time in the neighborhoods and a long straight stretch on Durham. It was a good thing I enjoy hills, as it seemed the first three miles were practically all uphill. The last hill was a mile and a half from the finish, so there really was no breaks. Most of the time was spent on the road, we left the park about a mile and a half in and never returned. The bonus was that the previous congestion issue no longer existed, as the courses did not merge until the last section just before the lake.

There was an overzealous kid ( there seems to be one at every race), that took the lead for the first three blocks. I relaxed and let him have the glory and fun of being in front. After he got tired, I took the lead with another guy right off my shoulder. He had the perfect drafting position, close enough to take advantage of my pace, but far enough out of my peripheral vision that I could not see him. It wasn’t until about five blocks in that I realized he was there when I barely caught a glimpse of him. We talked after the race, and he let me know he stayed pretty close for the first two miles or so, then dropped off. For me, it was a lonely chase of the lead bicyclist, who seemed to be involved in a race of his own and spent much of the time barely within eyesight.

The post-race festivities were fun, as always. I passed on the signature mojito this year, but enjoyed a handful of other snacks and Jamba Juice. It was fun to watch everyone finish and watch all the little kids in their races. Unofficial results were posted on a table shortly after the event finished.

This is one of those races that continues to put on a good time in conjunction with a good race. It comes highly recommended!

10K Results

Top Male Finishers

1. Brian Bernier 31, 35:28

2. Christopher Meeker 22, 36:34

3. Jeff Spang 48*, 37:24

Top Female Finishers

1. Sarah Robison-Mathes 24, 40:24

2. Mallory Beaudreau 28, 41:31

3. Tami Martin 40*, 41:51

Top Male Masters

1. Curt Mykut 41, 39:51

2. Travis Palena 42, 40:00

3. Jason Shaw 43, 40:25

Top Female Masters

1. Jennifer Seibel 40, 42:25

2. Lori Buratto 43, 42:41

3. Mary Silva-Lienau 42, 46:44


5K Results

Top Overall Males

1. Justin Miller 16, 19:29

2. Ryan Donohoe 35, 20:40

3. Will Justice 30, 20:42

Top Overall Females

1. Avery Rosenbalm 17, 23:34

2. Alexis McFate 33, 24:02

3. Cindy Hamilton 35, 25:25

Top Male Masters

1. Dale Wernicke 55, 21:52

2. Eric Chase 45, 21:56

3. Walt Busy 41, 22:35

Top Female Masters

1. Kristina Wise 48, 25:41

2. Rhoni Wiswall 51, 28:17

3. Jennifer Petraglia 41, 28:22

‘*’ -denotes Masters

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