The Buzz about Honey Stingers

vanilla_packet_1I’ve loved the Honey Stinger waffles forever, not so much for runs, but for longer bike rides. I can’t eat solid foods when I run, but I have no problem eating these on my bike. With two pieces of super thin waffle and a gooey center, these are easy and convenient to eat. Even better – they taste amazing. I could get in trouble since these are pretty much dessert. They are a great option when working out for extended time and your body requires a little boost of sugar. Unfortunately, I could easily eat a day’s worth of calories in no time with these and still be hungry. They’re tasty enough to possibly give me a push to get a longer work out in, which says something; they are delicious. At the same time, I can’t store these anywhere convenient in my house since I’d devour them when a sugar craving hit. I can’t keep treats in the open and these waffles fall in that category. I love that they have an adult size cookie and kid version too. The kids’ organic waffles are the perfect size for me and at 80 calories a cookie, are more the portion size I should be eating.

Also the perfect size for this grown adult, were the kids’ organic chews. Each pack is 70 calories and, like the waffles offer quick and easy glucose. Unlike the waffles, I can chew these down on a run. The packs are the perfect size for me and they taste just like candy or regular fruit chews, are sweetened with honey, include the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C and contain no high fructose corn syrup.

For adults, Honey Stinger also makes a Cherry Cola Energy Chew. Caffeinated with 32 mg of white tea, providing 100% of the daily recommended Vitamin C and a boost of honey for some energy, these are another long run energy option. The flavor is actually light and the texture made them easy to chew, not too gummy or sticky. The packets have quite a few in them and I wish they had a way to reseal since I can’t go through all of them during a run.  A good find and I’m excited to have a new flavor option.

My favorite discoveries with the Honey Stinger sample pack were their bars. I’m not big into bars since I think they are often a glorified candy bar. I try to steer clear from over processed, when I can. That being said, there are times when they are necessary. Going too long without food or calories is often a challenge for me and a bar is the perfect compromise. Fast food isn’t an option, but a bar can hold me over until I get something more substantial. I know that if I go too long without food, I’ll end up overeating at my next meal and my next workout will suffer.

The Mocha Cherry Bar with 10 grams of protein and 180 calories tasted just like a candy bar, but a little denser. It didn’t leave that chalky aftertaste in my mouth and reminded me of a decadent dessert. One bar got me through 3 back-to-back hour workouts, since they are so rich. While still pretty high in sugar, you need to make sure you’re using that ‘energy’ but these are definitely a tasty option. Rich chocolate and pieces of dried cherry throughout, this is another product that would tempt me if left in eyesight, but still a good option when I need some protein or a little pick me up. These have caffeine and sugar and definitely help prevent that energy slump.

Equally delicious was the Blueberry Buzz Energy Bar. Thinner than the protein bar, and a much lighter texture, these were good enough my husband wants me to stock these in our pantry. A crunchier type of bar, they are like mini size rice crispy pieces covered in a blueberry flavored concoction and coated with yogurt. No overpowering artificial blueberry flavor with these. They have honey for a pick-me-up but don’t sit in your stomach like a rock. These are a great option for a long ride, hike or long run.energybar-blueberrybuzz-web

I’ve always jumped straight to the Honey Stinger Waffles, being a creature of habit and not knowing how my stomach (or taste buds) would tolerate other items. I’m thrilled to discover some other energy options out there. Being a picky eater, I won’t waste calories on things that don’t taste good. It’s nice to find some new choices and I don’t have to feel guilty since they use organic honey and Non-GMO soy. With some pretty serious (for me) endurance events in my future, I’ll be stocking up on Cherry Cola Energy Chews for my long runs, the waffles for my rides and some protein bars for my finish.  A good find.