Kickstarter of the Week: ClickTight



Product: ClickTight
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: May 19, 2014
Current Pledge: $6,895 of $10,000

As I was running a (very wet) half marathon today, I remember continually checking down to my shoelaces, as they kept getting looser and looser given the weather and my tying job. Luckily, I didn’t have stop to re-tie – as I have done before. This week’s Kickstarter of the Week is designed to eliminate the headache of loose laces and double knots.


From the website:

The Problem:

Tying and untying your laces is one of the most repeated acts a runner performs. The majority of runners tie double knots so they don’t trip over loose laces but struggle like us with untying them.

The Solution:

Laces and cords are here to stay but with ClickTight you can eliminate the headache of double knots with one simple “Click”.

These attach to most shoelaces, so it does not require you purchase another pair. They just slip on and you are good to go. This company and the product are no slouch to innovation.

ClickTight has been developed in cooperation with TNO, the premier Dutch Technical Research Institute and has been a finalist in the 2012 Philips Innovation Awards competition and the New Venture Business Plan Competition.

For $15, you can choose from a pair of ClickTight from one of their 6 bright colors, or one with a few race distances. Add a dollar ($16) for a reflective option. There are a few other tiers which can net you multiple pairs and even personalized pictures or logos. These are expected to be delivered by August 2014.

This appears to be a pretty simple, cool. and functional product for a cheap price. If you get one, let know what you think!


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