Race Preview: Lake of Death 12 and 24-Hour Relays at Hagg Lake

LOD_Final Logo_webGrab your friends and spend the day, or all night, taking turns running around Hagg Lake in this brand new relay taking place August 2-3, 2014, from some of my favorite race organizers, Go Beyond Racing (co-owner Todd Janssen puts on two races with me – the ORRC Hagg Lake Mud 50k/25k and the Hagg Hybrid Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon Relay).

Don’t clutch your wallet in fear, though; the Lake of Death Relay isn’t like other relays. This one is different because there are no vans involved. No snarled traffic either. You and your team get to literally camp in one spot for the whole race. You can sleep, if and, when you want.

But you might not want to sleep because there are plenty of fun things to do while your teammate is running. Here’s what’s in store: 

Food, Entertainment & Chocolate

There are movies to watch with popcorn to snack on.  Music. You can swim in the lake.  Food carts will be on hand for when you get hungry.  And maybe the best part is the chocolate fountain. Yes, there will be a chocolate fountain! Oh, and a bonfire. And a beer garden. Breakfast Sunday morning is included, with mimosas. These are reasons enough to run the race!

You have choices with this relay, lots of choices:

Team or Solo

There are several team formats. Take on this race as an individual and run as many laps (see below for how long one lap is) as you can on your own. If you’re not quite that crazy, find some friends or grab some coworkers and form a team of 2, 4, 6 or 8 people.

Trail or Road

Your next decision is about where you want to run. There is a trail course and a road course. But you have to select one – you cannot go back and forth between the two during the race. The trail around the lake is 14.5 miles and the road is 10.7. There is an optional exchange point part-way round for both routes if you want to swap out runners before they complete a full lap.

12 or 24

How long can you run? You decide if your team is competing in the 12-hour or the 24-hour version. Both follow the same route, just one goes twice as long. The race start at 8a on Saturday morning. The 12-hour race ends at 8a pm Saturday evening. The 24-hour race ends at 8:00a Sunday morning.

The cost for this event is exceptionally low, especially when you consider all that is included (race entry, camping, entertainment, breakfast, chocolate!). You do pay for what you want at the beer garden and food carts.



Solo: $100
2-Person: $160
4-Person: $240
6-Person: $360
8-Person: $400


Solo: $150
2-Person: $200
4-Person: $300
6-Person: $400
8-Person: $480

It’s perfect for those who didn’t get into Hood to Coast, and for those who don’t want to get into Hood to Coast, for those who like to run a long time, and those you like to mix a little party into their running.


When: August 2-3, 2014

What time: 8a, plus 12 or 24 hours

Where: Boat Ramp C at Hagg Lake near Forest Grove, Ore.

Register online here! Don’t worry – you don’t need to register the whole team at once.

One last thing. Their slogan? “No Vans, No Traffic, No Fear” … I propose it should change to: “No Vans, No Traffic, No Fear … But there is Beer.” It still rhymes!

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