Product Review: Allied Medal Displays

Allied Medal Displays Portland Option

Allied Medal Displays Portland Option

There are so many beautiful displays to choose from when trying to decide which is worthy of your greatest accomplishments! However, you cannot go wrong if you choose Allied Medal Displays .  If you didn’t know it, this is actually a local NW company located out of Redmond, WA. Not only are they a local company, they are very generous and dedicated to customer service – both two of the most important things I look for in a company.

Allied Medal Displays special Yellow Coated Marathon Maniacs Brand New option

Allied Medal Displays special Yellow Coated Marathon Maniacs Brand New option

They have hundreds of designs in addition to making custom designs as well. The sizes are on average 24″ wide by 5″ tall like this medal display of the cityscape of Portland’s best! As they put it (and I agree), “Awesome design for an awesome city.”

These standard medal displays can even be customized to add more bars for more medals. So for example, this display can hold about 15-20 medals. But adding an extra hang bar will result in two times the space for medals, and two extra hang bars will result in three times as much space, and…welll… you get what I’m saying.

Adding bars does take additional time, but not too much (about 3-8 business days) and shipping will be about 2-8 business days in the USA. My order was placed Feb 4th, and I had it in hand Feb 12th!

I mentioned they do custom designs. You input desired text, select a font and/or character silhouettes (if necessary), hit preview, and you can see a custom display. If what they have is not what you are looking for, you can send a photo and describe what you have in your head.

Allied Medal Displays out of the package

Allied Medal Displays out of the package

They make so many beautiful ones it was hard to choose. I went with Every Mile is Magic, because I never want to forget the fun and magic of running! They had great email notifications so I knew as soon as it shipped. It arrived carefully packed and in great condition. The medal is high quality and shines brilliantly. My display came with a mounting kit (includes #4″ stainless steel screws, #4×1/4″ plastic nylon wall spacers, and #4×15/16″ drywall anchors), installation instructions, a packing slip, and instructions for returning or exchanging products. Luckily nothing was wrong, and it waited to be hung on my wall by my hubby (and waited…and waited…and waited). Finally, a couple of weeks ago I begged him to put it up! He did and now my wall is complete!


  •          Beautiful
  •          Unique designs
  •          Custom designs/Customability
  •          100% satisfaction guarantee for all standard displays ( you can return it within          30 days of the receipt of purchase for any reason)
  •          Reasonably priced compared to other medal designs


  •          As typical with any display, it can scratch
  •          Only stainless steel, powder coated colors are significantly more
Just a few medals on my  Every Mile is Magic Allied Medal Display

Just a few medals on my Every Mile is Magic Allied Medal Display

As you can see in the picture, the display is 30” by 6″ and holds 20-30 medals. I have started filling it out and it will not be long before it is full! This is currently holding 12 medals and there is plenty of room for more.  All my races are magical experiences and now I have a display to show off some of my favorites! I don’t believe you can go wrong with a display from Allied Medal Displays. Check out their Facebook Page here.

Can you recognize any of the medals?