Product Review: Sparkly Soul Headbands

Sparkly Soul stock photo

Sparkly Soul stock photo

Sparkly Soul is such a fun name to go with such a fun headband. There are tons of headbands out there, and this is another great option. One unique factor about Sparkly Soul is the 360-degree wrap around design. It does not matter which way it is put on, the seam blends in well and makes for a nice all around sparkle. If you know me, you know I bleed glitter and these headbands are gorgeous upfront. I’d almost say the photos do not do them justice. they have some unique colors I have not seen elsewhere too.

Anothe rshor of my fav iridescent Sparly Soul

Another shot of my favorite iridescent Sparkly Soul

Sparkly Soul is based out of New York, NY and created by a runner of course! She was looking for something to keep hair out of her face while exercising, and created a headband that won’t is less likely to slip.

The website stated no headaches, but I do have a friend that told me at the expo she could not wear them because of the headaches. I have no problem with this. I can confirm that there is no hair breakage. Velvet lining helps stay put, and with my normal type hair, this band did fine with minimal slipping. I found slipping it towards front of head and wrapping back around my ears and back of head, it would stay put.  I have tried a ton that do not stay on my head or that look odd (too wide for my head or the clasps in them pucker the fabric). These look and fit just right.

Sparkling with a really pretty pinky purple one. I seriously wore these two headbands all weekend.

Sparkling with a really pretty pinky purple one. I seriously wore these two headbands all weekend.

I received a band to try and I loved it so much I bought two more at the Princess Half Marathon in February – an iridescent one and a pinkish-purple one. I later won a thin sky blue one, but found I prefer the wider ones (more sparkle power).  They are a little more expensive, but I feel they are worth the money. My collection is up to five now.


360° of sparkle

  • Entire band is elastic
  • One size fits all adults.
  • Also, fits kids ages 5 and up which most headbands do not
  • Have a friend with thinning hair who swears by them
  • Great customer service. They usually respond within 24 hours and you can ask about colors not on their website.


  • A little pricier, but not more than its competitors.
  • I do have a friend who has one and she said it gives her a headache

In the spirit of a neutral review, I’d like to lay out more cons  but there really isn’t else negative I can say about them! This is a great option for a headband in my opinion. They are stylish, fashionable, stay on my head and I get a ton of compliments!

Sparkly_Soul_wear_2 Sparkly_Soul_wear_3 Sparkly_Soul_wear