Kickstarter of the Week: Flyfit

flyfit-informationName: Flyfit
Location: San Francisco, CA
Link: Kickstarter
Kickstarter End Date: March 24
Current Pledge: $33,284 of $90,000

Everyday fitness tracking is rapidly becoming the next big thing. The Nike Fuel Band is one such device that tracks all of your actions throughout the day and notifies you of how much you are moving. A new competitor to this type of product, the Flyfit Band, is getting off the ground via Kickstarter over the next month.

The stylish look of the Flyfit

The stylish look of the Flyfit

A major difference in this product is the fact that it is an ankle tracker instead of on the wrist. It is designed to be able to simply track and transition between all workouts, from running, to cycling, and even to swimming. It can count your daily steps, stairs climbed, and distance cycled during, as well as leg strokes while swimming, and even your sleep condition (quality and hours). With just a tap of the device, the data is able to be transmitted immediately to the app on your phone for quick tracking.

While I am not techological enough to understand the full reason as to how fitness trackers work, I have always wondered how the wristband trackers are able to accomplish everything they claim.  Flyfit has a different take, and offers up that the product is more accurate as it has the ability to measure leg movement. Additionally, the ability for the Flyfit to be utilized in the pool to count leg strokes and on a bike to count distance is something I personally would be interested in. The Nike Fuel Band explicitly states that they do not recommend their band for swimming of biking.

The band made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and looks cool without any added gaudiness. The tracker is powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery and is expected to have 8-hour battery life. There are interchangeable bands available in five colors for simple changing.

Right now you can get the Flyfit for $99 (the $89 Early Bird pricing is already sold out). Keep in mind that the product won’t be ready until at least August 2014.


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