Product review: REV Wraps

This is not the type of product I would ever spend money on. To me, REV Wraps seem almost as bad as the “Shake n’ Pour pancake mix.” I mean, you can easily make this at home, right? But, who among us hasn’t ever bought something for the sake of convenience that you could have made yourself. This, though … well, seems peanut-butter-and-jelly easy. Not familiar with REV Wraps? Here’s the commercial.

But, a few weeks ago, Albertson’s had coupons to get a free REV Wrap if you bought Hormel mini-pepperoni pizza toppings, which I needed for “Cooking with Eliza,” a popular activity in the Barten household in which my toddler helps with dinner instead of putting stickers on the cat.

I ate my REV Wrap on the way to work one day. It was a little sticky … like the wrap part had gotten wet at some point … but overall it was pretty okay. Not great, but not bad. A little dry, maybe. However, I wasn’t hungry that day until lunchtime. Which, if you know me, is rare. I’m usually breaking into my lunch by 10a.

A few days later, I decided to make my own “REV Wrap.” I used a flour tortilla, Tillamook Cheddar, and some roasted turkey from the deli counter at Fred Meyer. Aside from this tortilla not being sticky at all, it tasted pretty much the same. A little dry, a little boring, but filling and easy to eat while getting ready for work.

So, the bottom line: REV Wraps are pretty okay. Filling, with a lot of protein which we know does keep you feeling full longer. But – unless you refuse to keep things like tortillas, cheese, and lunch meat in your house, you can easily DIY and save some money. One caveat – if this breakfast seems to work for you, the REV Wrap might be a solid alternative while you’re on the road, or want to keep a few around for those mornings when your kid was up all night and changing out of the shirt they puked on is going to make you late to work.

REV Wraps are available in nearly all grocery stores, usually placed by the lunch meats and cheese in the refrigerated section. Prices are usually between $1.25-$2.00, but a quick search online should find you a coupon.

Let us know your thoughts if you’ve tried either the REV Wrap from Hormel or a DIY version by posting below …

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