Say Cheese: 2023 The Meltdown: Last Not Fast (McMinnville, OR)

How fast can you run? How far can you run? Now how would you handle a race where those two answers might mean a bad ending?

In The Meltdown: Last Not Fast, the starting line means heading out on ta 1.5-mile dirt/bark course at Linfield College. And then 30 minutes later, you start again. And then 28 minutes after that. And then 26, 24, 22, 20 and on until there is just one runner who can finish the lap. With a race like this, being the fastest isn’t the best plan for being the winner.

Luckily everyone is a winner at this race thanks to two grilled cheese sandwiches as part of the race entry. The Meltdown is a county-wide fundraising event for Yamhill Community Action Partnership with proceeds going toward housing stabilization, energy services, a regional food bank, and youth services. Restaurants throughout the area create their own spin on the grilled cheese sandwich. Each sandwich purchased results in a donation to YCAP. And that includes the sandwiches as part of The Meltdown race.

The participants who hold off on melting the longest could run over 15 miles in the event. To share one of my favorite running quotes: “This is what strength looks like!” Whew!

The Meltdown: Last Not Fast $60


When: Sunday, February 26 at 7am
Where: Linfield College Wellness Trail (900 SE Baker Street)

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