Race Recap: BYOB 2022 Resolution Relay

The Resolution Relay has four options for how to cover the 13.1 mile distance: by yourself, with a partner, as a trio, or part of a quartet. That means participants run 13.1 miles, 6.5 miles, about 4.5 miles, or a little over 3 miles. No matter what distance you choose, you earn a super cute shirt, a shiny medal, and a homemade breakfast burrito. These are all important details to consider in choosing what to sign up for.

And choosing the 13.1 mile option seemed way a better when it wasn’t 32 degrees outside.

Even now that I’ve defrosted, I’m still not sure on my logic for that choice. Ah well.

I love races put on by Eastwind Running & Endurance. They have an amazing group of volunteers. The course and swag is always well organized. And the participants are local runners who are just trying to have a great time.

The snow had mostly melted before our January 2nd event date. All week I kept looking at the forecast and wondered if my first race of 2022 would be some time in summer. By race morning, the streets were clear and the forecast was cloudy with rain expected after the finishing time. As I drove from SE Portland toward the start in Boring, Oregon, the temperature gage on my car kept going lower and lower. And I wished I’d brought a few more layers with me (maybe a parka).

The starting area was at Boring Station Trail head, so we had plenty of time to spread out and even a playground in case anyone needed a swing break. A volunteer shared shortly before start time that the port-a-potty delivery hadn’t happened (despite two check-in calls that week) so I looped back into the restroom line one more time. Later on the course I saw an aid station with tarps up that I thought was trying to be the Ghost of Christmas Future; turns out it was a little privacy area for emergency pit stops.

The race course primarily used Springwater Trail, with one small out and back onto a street to get us that .1 before the finish. Piles of snow were on the sides of the trail but the pathway was clear except for a few bridges (yea for excuses to walk!). There were two aid stations that we traveled past on the out and the back of the course. As always there were lots of cheering volunteers with snacks, water, Gatorade, and some special holiday “spirits” for interested adult participants. After minimal running due to holidays and snow, I kept my focus on the event as a “long run with a shiny medal” rather than a timed race. Good thing since it was my slowest half marathons in years. 13.1 miles is 13.1 miles!

There were no mile markers on the course but I use the area often enough for regular runs that I knew my distance along the way. And I caught up on a lot of Pop Culture Happy Hour podcasts between the start and finish. I proudly claimed my bell medal and quickly grabbed a delicious breakfast burrito for the ride home. When the downpour started that afternoon, and continued throughout the week, I realized us resolution runners were blessed with the perfect frosty, but dry, first race of the year. That, and a shiny medal, is all a girl can ask for.

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