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Run Oregon loves running – that’s no surprise. But we also love the Pacific Northwest and all that it has to offer. Running is a part of us, but it does not fully define us. In our “Make a Day of It” feature, we aim to showcase some great local non-running events and highlight where to run and how to make the most of your experience! We recently kicked off autumn in Central Oregon by checking out the Abbey Road Farm Silo Suites in Oregon Wine Country.

While COVID-19 threw a wrench into a lot of plans and halted a lot of forward momentum over the past few years, personally there were two specific topics that receive renewed attention – running and wine drinking. Hopefully that doesn’t sound like we have a problem, but with an increase in spare time, I not only spent more time running, but started delving into something I had always wanted to learn more about – the world of wine. Luckily we are in a wine bounty here and outdoor tasting in the Willamette Valley has proven to be a fun break from the monotony that working from home. So it only makes sense to talk about our latest road trip to Abbey Road Farm and their Silo Suites – a perfect blend of both of these things.

First the Running:

Running in wine country can be a little hit or miss. Most wineries have some amount of trails on property (they are vineyards after all), but generally there are often not a lot of “real” running trails – dirt or even pavement – to explore. Abbey Road Farm is in a perfect middle ground of the Willamette Valley running as it is about 10-15 minutes from both major hubs in Yamhill County – Newberg and McMinnville – and not really not even that far from Hagg Lake. What I am saying is that an easy drive will put you on roads or trails perfect for running.

However, there are actually a couple of really great options that start and end near the Suites themselves. The most simple one is probably also the least desirable for most of us, and – hill repeats from the main road up to the suites. This approximately 1/4 mile hill is not too terribly steep, as far as wineries go at least, but will definitely provide a challenge doing it on repeat.

The other option, a 7-mile loop is probably a little more fun for most of us. Start by heading south on the gravel Oak Hollow Farm Road for approximately .7 miles before turning onto Bayliss Road. Halfway down this road, the gravel turns into paved road and the scenery is really second to none. While I am sure it is great in all seasons, it was absolutely beautiful in the Fall with the changing colors of the trees, bushes, and wineries around the area. There were some minor hills along the way, but they really seem to fly by with just the beauty around you.

At approximately mile 2.5 you will hit Mineral Springs Road. If you elect to continue the clockwise loop, you will get some more fun visuals, but please understand you will leave the comforts of quiet country backroads and enter some more heavily trafficked roads with minimal shoulder – including Hendricks Road, which can get a little dicey depending on the day and hour. You may be better off just doing a 5 mile out-and-back unless you are brave enough for the entire loop.

The list of Willamette Valley races is too numerous, so I’ll just leave you with a link to our Race Calendar for events within 25 miles.

Our Room:

Beautiful entry to the suites

The Silo Suite is the on-site bed-and-breakfast at Abbey Road Farm. It is probably one of the most unique BnB’s out there, as the five individual rooms are housed within the three re-purposed silos (two were working silos on the property and a third one was added to complete the BnB project).

We stayed in the Pinot Noir suite, which led us to the top level of the northernmost silo. The room had an understated elegance to it, and really fit in with the vibe of being on a blue-collar working farm and winery, but still somehow presenting a luxurious spot at the same time (it has ambient floor heating!).

There was a small refrigerator for storing wine and leftover food from whatever great restaurant you checked out, a bathroom with a nice size tub (and a heated towl rack – my favorite), as well as a comfortable bed and small living area. There is no TV in the room, which was quite fine as we preferred to enjoy the solitude and quiet at the farm instead. I was out for my morning run when the sun came up, but my wife stated the watching the sunrise from the room was absolutely mesmerizing and one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

We recommend checking out the virtual tour for a cool look at the property (the names on the rooms have been updated however)!


In Wine Country it is not that difficult to find a place to refresh yourself and refuel. If you head over to Newberg, McMinnville, or even Dundee, there are plenty of places to grab a great bite to eat. We personally recommend Ruddick/Wood in Newberg and Trellis in Dundee – two locations we always seem to find ourselves. I won’t even highlight wineries, as there are too great ones to name.

Actually, I’m going to mention one specifically – wine tasting at Abbey Road Farm. Each stay at the Silo Suites comes with a free tasting, so definitely take advantage of this. Abbey Road Farm is actually home to multiple different small wineries and so it’s really great to have a flight that features wines from multiple talents. Their indoor space is small but great, but their outdoor space is fantastic. They open at 11AM and considering that they are a short drive from the suites doorstep, makes it a great place to start or end your winetasting day.

Obviously, because the Silo Suites are a BnB, we absolutely want to highlight the 2nd “B” – the breakfast portion. This isn’t your standard, run-of-the-mill, breakfast of coffee, toast, and jam (not that there’s anything wrong with that). However, one of the proprietors of the BnB is also a chef and makes some of the most delicious breakfast food we have ever tried. Ever. This multi-course breakfast includes ingredients from the on-site garden and every plate coming out just kept getting better and better. It was a fantastic experience.

The breakfast area has a  covered patio, making breakfast comfortable in the rainy months as well as the summer ones.


Honestly, we can’t recommend Abbey Road Farm and the Silo Suites enough. Splurging for this staycation is a wonderful treat, and even heading over for some running and wine tasting makes for a fantastic day as well.

While we strongly encourage you to experience the suites themselves, we also strongly encourage you to make the trip regardless. The location is kid and dog friendly, and we have taken our three young ones there multiple times this past year to check out the animals and enjoy the surroundings. They also have a number of events through the year and even hosted and Oregon Brewery Running Series 5k event this past summer. We hope that this race continues!

Highly recommended!

Abbey Road Farm Silo Suites Details:

Address: 10501 NE Abbey Road Carlton, OR 97111

Phone: 503.687.3100

Social: Instagram | Facebook

More about Abbey Road Farm Silo Suites:

The Silo Suites B&B are housed in three grain silos; two were working silos on the property and a third one was added to complete the project.  Five suites are complete with foam topped beds, Jacuzzi tubs, luxurious bedding and ambient floor heating.  The suites also boast a grand entry and sitting area with wet bar.  Your stay will be complete with one of the best breakfasts in Oregon prepared by our on-site Chef.  Also, make a reservation to visit our tasting room, open daily from 11am-5pm.

Many thanks to Abbey Road Farm for allowing us to check out their property! Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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