What Run Oregon is Wearing: Momentum Tee with Polartec

As you may be aware, Myles makes some really nice workout and casual crossover clothes for active individuals. We have reviewed a variety of their items over the years. However, this summer they took things a step further and partnered with Polartec for their Momentum Tee and claim “The world’s most comfortable workout tee is back and better than ever.”and absolutely love the look and functionality.”

First of all, as can be seen in our previous reviews, I am a big fan of Myles. So their ability to add even more technicality inside their already comfortable gear should prove to be a winning decision. Here’s some more from their press release:

[T]he tee features an unprecedented combination of technical performance and casual look and comfort, bridging the gap between traditional workout tee and everyday cotton tee.

Historically, performance fabrics have looked and felt technical. This particular version has the aesthetic and hand feel of cotton, though, thanks to its brushed matte finish and overdye heather appearance, imparting more sophistication than traditional athletic shirting. At its core is Polartec’s proprietary Power Dry construction, employing a bi-component knit which provides mechanical-wicking action and high breathability for fast-drying performance that lasts the lifetime of the garment.

The Polartec Power Dry technology pulls any moisture away from the body and transfers it to the outer surface for insanely fast evaporation during activity, so the garment maintains a dry feel even during the toughest workouts. It’s treated with Polygiene to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, allowing users to focus on making moves versus doing laundry.

We were recently sent a sample pair and really liked it. The sizing seemed true, with the large providing a fit that was not too loose nor too tight. The Power Dry components are designed to do what Polartec does best – keep runners comfortable and dry regardless of the running situation. This design is too technical for me, so I recommend heading here for all the fancy specs. But what I lack in knowledge about the science, I do know that runners will enjoy it.

Check out the Momentum Tee here.


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About Myles:

Myles was founded by a group of friends who never understood why athletic apparel always seemed to fall into two categories: old sweats and tees that have been relegated to “gym clothes” status because they’re too tattered or ugly to wear anywhere else, or overpriced “high-performance” gear you’re almost afraid to sweat in and looks ridiculous outside of the playing field.

We wanted to change that, starting with the dream of creating the perfect athletic short—a pair versatile and stylish enough for workouts, the outdoors, and around town. We went to work collecting fabric samples and visited a garment manufacturer down the road from our home in San Francisco to get prototypes made. After many tweaks and test runs, we were ready to launch our four-way stretch Everyday Short. We asked experts from the likes of EsquireGear Patrol, and Men’s Health to put them to the test, and we soon learned we weren’t the only ones ready to ask for more from their clothes. A few years and whole helluva lot of shorts later, Myles has grown into a full line of activewear made for making moves anytime, anywhere.


Thank you to Myles for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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