Gone Rogue and Back Run/Walk Challenge – an August Series from Run With Paula

Rogue relay seriesRun With Paula is back with another unique virtual race series that just kicked off on August 3. It’s a series of four races, each of which are to be run within their designated week, and involve two of my favorite things: running and Rogue beers.

Here’s how it works: You register and then run. Easy peasy!

While RWP has created routes to bring you the best of both running and beer with views of Portland, you can run the distances wherever you want. If you run from home, though, I highly suggest stocking the fridge with some Rogue crowlers or bottles before you start, though, just to fully embrace the goodness of the theme.

Please note that if you choose to do the suggested routes (or run wherever) and go to the pubs for your free brew (if you’re 21+ with valid ID), there is outdoor seating at each of these locations. Even Run Pub now has a spacious outdoor seating area. Just bring your mask and ID and you’ll be set.

Rogue Challenge shirtRegistration is $20 for each race; you can make it easy on yourself and sign up for all 4 at this link. The race shirt is $20 and if you get one, you’ll get a badge each week that can be hot-pressed onto the shirt (Look over there — > for a drawing of the shirt). Check out the weeks below (the dates will take you to the week’s registration page; there’s also links to the routes). Each registration includes a donation to Oregon Food Bank.

This week (August 3-9) the route is a 4-miler that starts at Mt. Tabor and finishes at the Rogue Eastside Pub. Here’s my favorite part about this event … instructions for after you’ve run the 4 miles, which, need I point out will include a lot of downhill: “Go inside Rogue Pub and claim your complimentary beer or root beer, sit outside on the patio, take in the moment and upload your results. Be sure to bring your mask and social distance!!”

Week 2 (August 10-16) starts at the Rogue Pearl Pub and heads to the “Witch’s Castle” in Forest Park (near Lower Macleay Park) and then doubles back to the Pub for a total of 5 miles. Check out the route here. The best part: “Enjoy the scenic beauty in Forest Park and remember to claim your cold Rogue Beer at Rogue Pearl Pub when you are finished.”

Week 3 (August 17-23) ups the distance with a route of 7.5 miles, an out-and-back from Run Pub at 2258 NW Raleigh to Pittock Mansion (photo op) and back. There might be a hill on this route. Depends on what you call a hill, I guess. You probably guessed what’s coming next: “Enjoy a cold beer or cider in the new outside seating area while you upload your 7.5 mile result!”

Finally, week 4 (August 24-30) is an 8-mile route that takes you back to the memories of week 1, but this time starting at the Rogue Eastside Pub, climbing to the top of Mt. Tabor and back. But then … you know what is coming … “Once you return to Rogue Eastside claim your yummy cold brew and head out on the patio to upload your results and picture.”rogue distancesOn a more personal note, I want to say that these events can do wonders for your mood if you’re tired of being cooped up but nervous about going out. PRC and Rogue are both going above and beyond to make their spaces clean and safe, and to make sure patrons are following social distancing guidelines. So get out there and have a good time.

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