How to Prepare for Single-Day Relays

Relays are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. We at Run Oregon are preparing for a number of them, most notably the Gorgeous Portland Pub Relay on Saturday, May 18.

These events being together all of the aspects of running that draws us to the sport and adds on an extra flare of fun. Sharing this fun with a team increases the likelihood you will run fast and will have a blast doing it! So grab your costumes, and hit the road with you crew. Before you do, check out our tips and must-haves for the 1-day relay in your future.

When preparing your gear for single-day relays, the list of must-haves is a little different than what you need for the multi-day events we typically find ourselves in. For the shorter relays, there is no need to bring your sleeping bags or an apocalypse-ready snack bag, but there are a few things that you must include. First and foremost, a “ready for anything” attitude is a must. These types of races often have a theme, whether it be beer, a scavenger hunt, an obstacle course, or some combination of any numerous things. You cannot come into these races with hopes of a PR, only hopes of a rocking good time.

Secondly, although a suitcase of clothes is not needed, one extra pair may be nice in case of a mishap or for comfort during the inevitable after-party. Third, as previously stated, full meals are not typically needed but maybe a few snacks to share in the van would be nice. Mainly because it is hard to run and drink beer on an empty stomach.

Lastly, what is a relay team without a coordinated costume? A band of boring runners taking turns, that’s what. Get creative, get goofy with it, and help increase the fun for all with your wacky garb. (Note: make sure the costumes are appropriate … weather appropriate included. Those head-to-toe Avatar costumes in the summer were a bad choice. Hey, it was 2011, we are smarter now.)

There are so many relays to choose from this racing season. Find a few friends, and choose one that suits you. It is sure to be a great time, and you’ll get some mileage in without even realizing it. Cheers!

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