Run Oregon on the Road with Aravaipa Running & the 2018 Pass Mountain and Punisher Night Runs (Arizona)

The biggest reason I love running ultras is being in the wide open and exploring the trails. The second reason is the community. If you have never ran an ultra and don’t know if it is your thing, I encourage you to come volunteer or get involved in one and see the spirit and camaraderie that is missing in a lot of traditional road races.

I look at a lot of ultramarathons and narrow down my selection based on environment, adventure and what I know about the people and company involved. That is why, when my husband said he wanted to go on vacation to Arizona I said it had to be under one condition…that it was during an Aravaipa Ultramarathon so I could participate. To my GREAT pleasure, there happened to be two of their races on the same day and in the same place. So, we are headed to Arizona in November for the Pass Mountain and Punisher Night Runs!

I first heard about Aravaipa when I binge watched every imaginable ultra video on Youtube and loved the videos by Run Steep Get High, which happen to be created by the CEO of Aravaipa. His videos were light, fun, exciting and certainly got you amped up to run! Aravaipa Running is the epitome of ultra racing companies, they are all about community, adventure and attention to details. They host 35 races and camps across the year and I am excited to be not only signed up and ready to run two of them in November, but also to be joining them in February for my first attempt at getting a Western States Endurance Run qualifying lottery ticket in the Black Canyon 100K.

My first Aravaipa Running event will be the Pass Mountain 50K on November 17th, 2018. This race also offers a 25K, 10K and 5K and I am lucky enough to have friends as crazy as me that are flying out to run some of the other distances. The race takes place in Usery Mountain Regional Park in Mesa, AZ, which means it traverses winding dessert trails. It also looks like a really fun and really steep elevation map!

After finishing the Pass Mountain race I will wait a few hours and then lace up my trail running shoes and hit the course again as the sun sets for the Punisher Night 30K. This race also offers multiple distances including the 10K, 5K and newly 20K. I say go big when you go to Arizona and do the longest and hardest races possible. Why not, right? This race is on a 9K loop of the Noso, Blevins, Moon Rock, Levee, Spillway, Cat Peaks and Cat Peaks Pass Trails. The fun thing about the 30K is, you get to cross the finish/start line 3 times! This sounds like a great way to break up the run to me and considering it will be dark, this race sounds like a fun adventure. Punisher Night also looks to be punishing in the ups and downs in elevation. Should be fun!

In February, I am excited to come back and attempt the Black Canyon 100K. This race takes place on February 16, 2019 and goes from Spring Valley to New River, AZ.

Check out all of the ARAVAIPA RUNNING EVENTS and definitely make a trip to Arizona to participate!

Pass Mountain 50k
When: Saturday, November 17, 2018
Where: Usery Mountain Regional Park (3939 N. Usery Pass Road, Mesa, AZ 85207)
Register: Online here;
Entry Fees:

Until 10/25 Until 11/13 After 11/13
5KM $38.27 $44.65 $53.15
10KM $44.65 $53.15 $63.78
25KM $58.47 $69.10 $79.72
50KM $90.36 $100.99 $116.93

Punisher Night Runs
When: Saturday, November 17, 2018
Where: Usery Mountain Regional Park (3939 N. Usery Pass Rd Mesa, AZ 85207)
Register: Online here;
Entry Fees:

Until 10/25 Until 11/13 Race Week
30 Km $53.15 $58.47 $69.10
20 Km $47.84 $53.15 $63.78
10 Km $42.52 $47.84 $58.47
5 Km $37.21 $42.52 $53.15
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