Vancouver-Based Why Racing Events Named Chamber of Commerce Start-Up Business of the Year

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Run Oregon would like to issue a heartfelt congratulations to Sherri McMillian and her company, Why Racing Events, for earning recognition from the Vancouver USA Chamber. Why Racing puts on races including the Pacific Crest Endurance Sports Festival, the Girlfriends Run for a Cure Half, 10k and 5k (coming up on October 14!), and the Appletree Marathon. She also organizes a number of triathlons. There one coming up at the end of the month that looks like a ton of fun as well, the Scary Run – a half, 10k, and 5k on Sunday, October 28. Join us in congratulating McMillian on the Why Racing facebook page!

Below is a press release about the award:

Why Racing Events and CEO Sherri McMillian won the 2018 Start-Up Business of the Year award categorized as 5 years or less in business from the Vancouver USA Chamber of Commerce, which awarded companies and individuals that have shown outstanding leadership skills – including large companies, small companies, start-ups and other notable members of the business community. WHY Racing was acknowledged for their efforts at raising funds for their community on track to raise more than a million dollars in 2018 and for offering free race entries to groups like children, the military, breast cancer survivors and those going through alcohol and drug therapy.

 “It’s not often that a race management company gets acknowledged from the business community so this was a huge honor for us” says McMillan. She continues “Most race directors do this because we have a passion for running or triathlons and we get so much internal satisfaction watching our athletes of all different ages and sizes crossing the finish line. It makes it even more special to know that our community appreciates what we do.”

Here is an excert from Sherri McMillan’s acceptance speech:

“When we first started WHY Racing Events 3.5 years ago, the name came from such a positive perspective. What’s your WHY? Everyone has a different WHY. Some race to win, some just to cross the finish line, some to get in shape or lose weight or to raise funds for a cause. As the years progressed, our WHY had different meanings. The medals are stuck at customs! WHY?! It’s pouring down rain! WHY?! There’s a car parked right in the middle of our start/finish line! WHY?! After 3.5 years, we’ve never been able to execute a perfect event. Speaking to other race directors, we’ve learned that there may not be such a thing and we’ve come to terms with the fact that we are just managing controlled chaos with so many variables and pieces to the puzzle that could possibly go wrong. It can be extremely stressful at times but also brings us all so much satisfaction as we watch the joy on peoples’ faces of all different shape and sizes crossing the finish line. We truly do believe that the finish line changes you and we are so happy to play a part in helping people feel so successful. To pull off an event like a triathlon or marathon requires a huge tribe of people all doing their part and many of them are here today and I accept this award on their behalf. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried and we’re so happy we’ve survived the first 3 years of business. I also need to mention our sponsors who have believed in us and our mission including Deschutes Brewery, IQ Credit Union, Fleet Feet, Franz, Kind Snacks, Humm Kombucha, Chucks Produce, Corwin, Northwest Personal Training, PEACEHEALTH, the Columbian and so many others. I love that our events give people the opportunity to set a goal, train, achieve that goal and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I love that our events help people get healthy and fit. I love that our events help support various schools, clubs, teams and non-profits in our community and this year we’ve raised over $1,000,000 through our events. I love that we bring people to our community who’ve never been here before and they get to experience what an incredible community we have. Thank you so much for this honor that I share with my team – even though we absolutely love what we do, it makes it even better to know that our community appreciates it.”

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