Play.Fit.Fun Gives Kids Opportunities to Get Moving After School

Run Oregon is proud to tell readers about our sponsorship of Play.Fit.Fun, a program that offers before/after school care for youth in Beaverton and Hillsboro schools. Play.Fit.Fun provides free-play opportunities and structured games, giving kids inspiration to run, jump, move, and have fun while learning communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. Play.Fit.Fun serves more than 600 kids in their school-based programs, and throughout the year offers other free events like the Girls Empowerment Seminar and the Kids Olympiad.

What I like most about the program is that it’s not about winning or losing, making a team or even focusing on a specific sport. Instead, it’s a program that sets kids up for a healthy life, no matter if they’re involved in organized sports. Being active and healthy during the elementary years sets someone up to maintain a healthy lifestyle into high school and adulthood. In addition to the physical activity, Play.Fit.Fun teaches kids how to cope with success and failure and how to support others.

The once-a-week program brings together kids of all ages from each school, and energetic teachers give the kids the tools to create their own fun and lead them in games like capture the flag and creating obstacle courses to run. The cost is around $20/week (it depends on how many weeks you sign up for – there are also scholarships available) and the time varies by school, but goes from immediately after the bell for at least 90 minutes. My daughter participated last year and is signed up again this year. She’s learned to communicate better, how to compromise and listen to the ideas of others, and creates all sorts of active ways to entertain herself at home.

My daughter after besting some “big kids” (high school volunteers) at the Kids Olympiad in August.

This year, Play.Fit.Fun is in the following schools for after-school programs unless otherwise noted:

  • Beaverton SD: Bethany, Bonny Slope (before school), Cedar Mill, Cooper Mountain, Errol Hassel, Findley, Hiteon, Montclair (before school), Nancy Ryles, Ridgewood, Raleigh Hills, Scholls Heights, Sexton Mountain, Terra Linda, and West Tualatin View
  • Hillsboro SD: Jackson, Ladd Acres, West Union
  • Private schools: Valley Catholic, Hope Chinese Charter School, Mitch Charter School

If you’re interested in learning more or signing up your kiddo, click here and you can download a form for their school. In most schools, the program kicks off this week, but enrollment is open on an ongoing basis through the school year.

If you don’t see your school listed above but you like the sound of the program, contact Play.Fit.Fun founder Spencer Rubin. He can give you information to send to the school’s principal. Or simply email Rubin and include your school’s principal on the email to introduce them.
If you don’t have elementary-age kiddos, you can still get involved by contributing to the scholarship program or by working as a coach! Play.Fit.Fun is currently hiring coaches that are energetic, fun, respectful of all people including children, and love being active, too. Play.Fit.Fun also offers corporate team building programs that can be held at your location or off-site.
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