Rugged Recap: A Run Oregon recap of the 2018 Rugged Maniac


The 2018 Rugged Maniac 5k obstacle race was the ultimate recess for grownups. Held on Saturday, June 30th 2018, the weather was beautiful. The day started with a nice cloud cover, but cleared by the time we began our wave at 12:30. I ran the course with my husband and two daughters this year. I ran my first Rugged Maniac in 2015 with my oldest daughter, we had so much fun that we’ve run it every year since.

Each year offers new, fun and challenging obstacles. Some stay the same – like the quad burners – and there are always new obstacles, as well. My favorites this year were one called Full Tilt and one called Off the Rails. Full Tilt involved climbing monkey bars that tipped at the half way point, so a strong grip was necessary but challenging after crawling through mud. Off the Rails involved running full speed to grab a rope on a track that slanted upwards, at the end you rang a bell then dropped into a mud pit. The Warped Wall is always a challenge and The Ringer is super fun and challenging. I loved the challenge and I’m always excited to try the new obstacles.

The course was muddy, but not as muddy as I remember from last year. I loved seeing all the teams working together to support each other. There were so many people offering help up high walls and slippery, muddy hills. Running, jumping, swinging, climbing and crawling under obstacles is a great way to spend a warm summer day with friends. We can all use a little more of that and the Portland Rugged Maniac is the perfect venue.

Last year, I wished they had put more space between the obstacles so there was not so much time waiting in lines, and they did exactly that. The course was quick, with plenty of space between the obstacles. The only obstacle I waited at this year was the warped wall and that was due to an issue with low water flow on the Accelerator 3.0 which they repaired quickly.Run_Oregon_ShellyPincock_1144

The after party was fun with so much great food and music. They had a variety of beverage options, as well. The party lasted all day and included a mechanical bull, pie-eating, pull-up and stein-hoisting contest, beach volleyball, a great DJ and dance party. The finishers shirts and medals were well designed and are such a great reminder of a fun and memorable day. Free photos were posted on Wednesday after the race and we had some good laughs while browsing those.

I love that the Rugged Maniac supports the American Cancer Society through Crowdrise.  Teams can create a fundraising page for their run, or donate to the cause when purchasing their ticket. Rugged Maniac’s have raised over $80,000 for cancer research. I love running for a cause.

The 2018 Rugged Maniac was a fun and memorable event. I can’t wait to compete at the 2019 Rugged Maniac. You can register now for a great price.

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