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What Run Oregon is Wearing: Civic’s Merino Base Layers

I just got back from a 10 day vacation to Orlando to tackle some amusement parks with my wife and kids. The days were long and tiring, but I can tell you that the air travel was the worst part. Aside from travelling with multiple kids, there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your clothes in addition to feeling cramped in a tin box in the sky.

If you are up to speed with men’s fashion, you may have heard of Taylor StitchCivic is one of their sub-brands, and the one focused on commuting comfort apparel. They just released a their newest collection of merino base layers, which are perfect for travel – be it on a plane across the country or even just to your runcation hotel a state away. This bundle is a combo of boxer briefstee, and socks that blend performance and comfort.

As runners, we are all familiar with merino wool and it’s lightweight, odor-resistant, and breathable qualities. I bet most of us have at least one merino wool running item in our closets. And while this fabric is great for running, it makes sense that it would also be great for travel. I try to utilize as small amount of space as possible when travelling, so adding items like these that are light are definitely a bonus.

As far as comfort goes, these are really fantastic. The tee was initially a little scratchy, but that quickly wore off after a wash or two. The boxers look and feel really “barely there”. They are super soft to the touch and the lightness of the fabric was really top-notch. The socks were also quite nice. It’s tough to “review” business socks, but I can assure you that these are probably the most comfortable ones I know have in my wardrobe.

The cost may be the only drawback, as seen below, is probably the price. The boxers and tee both top out at $55, probably more than you have spent before, but there are discounts if you buy multiple items and if you buy all three items, you can save about $24. It’s an investment, but definitely a comfortable one.

Company: Civic

Products & Price: 

  • The Merino Sock ($23)
  • The Merino Boxer ($55)
  • The Antoni Tee ($55)



Thank you to Civic for providing us with sample jackets. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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