Race Recap: 2018 Oregon Dunes Triathlon & Duathlon

The 2018 Oregon Dunes Triathlon & Duathlon could not have had better weather. The race began with beautiful overcast weather for cool racing conditions followed by warm sunshine for post race festivities. It was an amazing day for a race, especially one so challenging, with its hills and finish up a sand dune.

It was really wonderful to see all the smiling faces and support. The volunteers were wonderful and the athletes were some of the nicest I have had the pleasure of competing with. Even the residents of Dune City came out to cheer us on.

The morning was cool when I arrived at Woahink Lake, which left me feeling apprehensive about the swim. Setting up transition was quick and easy, then I was able to warm up with a short pre-swim and decided to use the hot water provided at the start to warm my wet suit. I love that the race directors thought through all the details of the event. The swim was well-marked so it was quick and easy to stay on course. The water was cold but the lake was beautiful and the cold water made me swim a little faster. The transition from swim to bike is always a little tricky for me. Removing a tight, full body wetsuit and transitioning to bike gear takes some time. This year I forgot my sunglasses as I began the ride, luckily it wasn’t bad.

The bike course was definitely challenging. There were so many hills, but every uphill meant a downhill. There were plenty of volunteers along the course, so it was easy to stay on track. The volunteers were wonderful and encouraging, and the ride was beautiful and scenic. I loved being out there with other athletes, cheering each other on as we took in the beautiful scenery along the course.

The run course for the Dunes Triathlon is one of my favorites. It has a bit of everything. The trails are beautiful and scenic and there were two passes over a bridge that crossed the picturesque lake. The volunteers offered Hammer gel, water and Heed sports drinks along with lots of encouragement. The finish line for the run ended at the top of Honeyman Dune where family and friends waited to greet their loved ones. There were several spectators waiting with dogs, which I loved! As we crossed the finish line, we were awarded beautiful finisher’s medals.

The expo had a warming tent and delicious soups, provided in generous portions by Homegrown Public House. I tasted both soups, clam chowder and vegetable, and they were delicious. Oranges, bananas, coffee and cookies were also offered. The awards were hand crafted by race director Staci, from pieces of driftwood and sand dollars. They are a beautiful memento from a very fun and memorable event.

I love racing with Best in the West! Each race is a unique and memorable experience, and an opportunity to bond with, encourage, support and be inspired by other athletes.

Tentative New Date For 2019, June 8.

All results are available online. Check the website for links.

Sprint Distance Champions:
Tri – Sara Cannon 1:11:46, Keller Norland 1:07:57
Du – Hannah Middleton 1:06:48, Quincy Gill 6 time Champion 50:30
Aqua Bike – Thomas Ricciardi 55:12
Paddle – Anna Wheeler 1:21:42

Olympic Distance Champions:
Tri – Shannon Coates 2:34:38, Travis Wood 2:13:47
Du – Angela Allen 2:18:15, Moises Garcia 2:25:43
Aqua Bike – Taylor Horlick 2:06:41, Pete Erickson 1:59:27
Paddle – Ken Pesnell 2:04:55

New Course Records:
Female – Shannon Coates 2:34:38
Male – Travis Wood 2:13:47

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