Race Recap: 2018 Ecliptic Brewing 5K (Oregon Brewery Running Series)

This time of year is so touch and go for weather. It is either very rainy and cold, or hot and sunny. When signing up for races, weather does play somewhat of an impact. I love running, with that being said though, I tend to favor running in good conditions, especially when signing up for races. This month, I decided to sign up for a OR Brewery Running Series race at Ecliptic Brewery. Thankfully, that day was the best weather Portland has had in weeks.

This was my second race with OR Brewery Running Series. On arrival, I headed straight to get my bib and decorate it. There was a great turnout for participants in the race (maybe weather had something to do with it?). I got some water and headed over to check out some of the booths they had at the event. One of my favorites was Laughing Planet, it is one of my family’s favorite restaurants. They had samples of their fresh pressed juices. Spielman Bagels was also there, with yummy samples of bagel chips and coffee. They also had Oregon Wild and Picky Bars.
Once it got closer to race time, we all headed over to the start for some stretching. After stretching it was go time. All OR Brewery Running Series Events have an “open” course, meaning that there will be no road closures and that runners have to obey all traffic laws for safety. Throughout the course, there are always numerous volunteers, helping participants navigate back to the brewery. This course was a little different than my last race with OR Brewery Running Series. This one had a few hills, weaving in and out of neighborhoods and crossing the overpass on I-5. There were some beautiful houses on the course, something you would never see unless you are intentionally driving by, or running a race with OR Brewery Running series. During the race, me and three other runners somehow missed the section where we were supposed to cross back over I-5 towards Ecliptic. Thankfully one of the runners looked at his running watch and told us we were over a 5K distance. Even though it was an additional distance, of just over 4 miles, I knew that beer would be my prize!

The weather was very hot. Once crossing the finish line, I grabbed some water. I then was also handed my beer token and some OR Brewery Running Series Swag, some coupons, a loaf of Franz bread, and a vegan cookie from Laughing Planet (who knew vegan cookies were so tasty?). I went to the beer tent and grabbed a beer, and enjoyed the live music after party. The folks at Ecliptic Brewery were so great. I even stayed with some friends for some food and more drinks. OR Brewery Running Series puts on great races, I highly suggest grabbing some friends and signing up for their next event at Beer Quest @ StormBreaker Brewing on June 16th. (Sign up Here)
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