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Race Recap: 2018 PRC Winter 5k #3 – The Predictor Race

It was another beautiful day to run the third race in the PRC Winter 5k Series. Over 200 people participated in this race, and being a predictor race, everybody was asked to predict their race pace ahead of the run. Bib pickup was quick and easy, and I stood in line to get my third badge ironed onto the sleeve of my event shirt.


Race badges (photo: Kelly Barten)

Shortly before the 9am start, we made our way down the street to the start line where Paula led us in a quick warmup. We were reminded that we couldn’t wear any watches, GPS, phones, headphones if we wanted to be part of the prediction part of the race. After the anthem, the starting horn blew and we were off. By the nature of this race series, the course was exactly the same as during the first two races (as well as the three races last winter): First mile on the street towards the north, near the mile 1 marker we entered Greenway Park for an out and back, then back again the way we came. Course markings and volunteers were once again excellent!


Finishers mingling and eating (photo: Kelly Barten)

At the finish, the clock was turned away from the arriving runners (so that you couldn’t dawdle or speed up to meet your predicted time), but when I glanced back after crossing the line, I saw that I did not estimate my time very well. Back in the PRC store, breakfast was served by Stanford’s Grill: French Toast, cinnamon rolls, salmon scrambled eggs, and bacon or sausage. Imperfect Produce was also on site giving away delicious (if slightly imperfect) apples and signing up new subscribers at a great discount.

After the last finisher had crossed the line, Dave started the awards ceremony. Since this time placement wasn’t based on net finish time but difference to predicted time, anybody could take home a first place ribbon if they estimated correctly. Overall and age group winners got their ribbons, and the raffle drawings for PRC swag and other goodies were interspersed between the awards.

Overall a great race series to keep me running through the winter months. Full results for the February results are posted on the website, both overall time results, and  overall and age-group predictor results.


Paula and Dave Harkin (photo: Kelly Barten)


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