Rethink Romance with These Three Partner Workout Ideas (Guest Post)

The benefits of working out and staying fit are undeniable. Improved overall health, elevated mood, and increased energy levels are just a few of the rewards. A less-obvious one is relationship building. If quality time with your special someone means sitting on the couch and watching Netflix night after night, you might want to rethink your approach to romance. Consider trying one of these partner workouts instead.


AcroYoga blends yoga, acrobatics and the healing arts. It requires at least two people working together to achieve balance and flight. In AcroYoga, there are two positions: the base and the flyer. The base has the most contact with the ground and is often lying on their back and supporting the flyer with their arms and/or legs. The base lifts the flyer off the ground and they transition through poses together, using gravity to help them flow.

Improved communication is one of the unique benefits AcroYoga offers couples. With its complex moves, including inversions and partner-supported aerial backbends, the practice also requires and encourages trust between partners. On top of these relationship-building practices, you can also burn up to 550 calories in an hourlong session.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a partner workout that gets couples in great shape while enjoying breathtaking locations in the great outdoors. Head to a climbing gym or call local rock-climbing guides to get acquainted with the activity and get proper training. By the time you’ve mastered scaling rock walls together, you will most likely have developed incredible communication skills, unbreakable trust and enviable physiques.


Tennis can be played one-on-one or as a team of two. Competition within a relationship can be detrimental, but when it’s just you and your true love against an opposing team, sparks inevitably fly. Tennis is a physical, body-sculpting sport that brings doubles partners closer together as they learn to communicate through both physical and verbal cues. What could feel better than rallying with your partner by your side? Or standing next to each other after hitting a winning shot?

Feel unsure about your game? RecTennis can help you improve your skills. Sign up for classes together for an active date night.



Randy Webber is responsible for operations, community outreach and partnerships for the United States Tennis Association Pacific Northwest’s (USTA/PNW) RecTennis program. Webber has more than 10 years’ experience in education and nonprofit management and holds an MBA from George Fox University.

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