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This summer I received a pair of Kari Traa Louise 3/4 Tights to try. However, with the hot summer we had, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my shorts behind until this week – when the temperatures suddenly dropped about 20 degrees. That’s when I knew it was officially time to break out the running tights again. The Louise 3/4 Tights are super cute and made me feel like I look like a serious runner. My husband commented that they “looked fast.” Unfortunately, they did not make me any faster. But, they definitely didn’t slow me down!

The tights are snug – as they should be – but they don’t dig in at the waist or anywhere else. When I ran in them they stayed put – no sagging or hiking up. The tights breathed well and I wasn’t too hot or too cold. I felt like my lower half stayed at pretty much the same temperature during my entire run, which is better than I can say for my upper half where I had to shed a layer despite the cool temperatures. The Louise Tights have what the website refers to as “articulated knees.”  On the backs of my legs my tights felt snug above and below where my knee bends, but directly behind my knee there is a different fabric which allows for more movement. Basically, I felt like my tights were moving more naturally than other tights do. I have to say, this actually felt pretty awesome.

The Louise tights have a zipper pocket at the back that is perfect for stashing a key or something else small. There is a drawstring in the waist, but no annoying strings hanging out that you have to tie. Instead it is a continuous drawstring, which I definitely prefer for comfort.

While I love the look and fit of these tights, the color caused a couple of negatives for me. When I put on a pair of running tights, I expect that whatever is underneath will remain a mystery to everyone else. Unfortunately, the light green color and the type of fabric made it very obvious what kind of underwear I had on. Regardless of color or style – my underwear was much too visible for my comfort. The other negative was that the light green color really highlighted my sweat. I wore a longer shirt than usual with the tights to try and cover up both of those issues, but I was still a bit self conscious.

I noticed that there is a great black and pink version of the Louise Tight (full length), that probably would take care of my negative issues, so I would recommend going that route. Since the Kari Traa Louise tights are so comfortable and move so well, I give them a big positive overall. If you are looking for running tights that stay in place throughout your entire run and move naturally, give Kari Traa Louise tights a try. I’m sure you’ll love how you feel running in them.

Company: Kari Traa

Product and Price: Louise 3/4 Tights $74.95  (Also on Amazon)

More about Kari Traa:

Kari Traa, the fastest growing women’s sports brand in Europe, inspires women to lead a happier, healthier, and stronger lifestyle. A way of life inspired by the founder, Kari Traa; a champion freestyle skier with three Olympic medals to her name. Kari’s story begins in Voss, the small town caught between the Norwegian fjords and mountains, where she was born and raised. Her Norwegian heritage has not only given Kari a talent for sport but also an eye for design and a passion for creativity. Fond childhood memories, the rugged Norwegian nature and a strong sense of Scandinavian traditions are still the sources of inspiration for Kari Traa’s designs.  Made for girls – by girls, who are passionate about great looking sportswear which lets you live life in full color.

Thank you to Kari Traa for providing us with a sample. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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