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Bobi Jo: My biggest complaint about women’s running clothes is the same complaint I have about regular clothes in general: lack of pockets. Exercise clothing for women come in the following flavors: A) no pockets at all, B) tiny pockets in the front that are a simple fabric fold that I wouldn’t trust with a gel wrapper, let alone my ID or car key, or C) A zippered pocket in the back that I paid $80+ for and it still doesn’t fit my cell phone.

*Enter Rabbit running shorts*

I’ve lived in these since the moment I put them on. I have the ‘Dirt Pounders’ in Ibiza blue ($62) and they have SEVEN pockets! Hello, new favorite shorts! This includes a zippered pocket on the rear waistband, two Velcro pockets on the back, two internal waistband pockets up front, and two side mesh “trash pockets”. My only frustration is that my cell phone still does not fit (for running errands, the trash pockets are perfect, but I wouldn’t run with my phone there), but I am thrilled that I can carry some gels, a car key, chapstick, dog poo bags, a trail map, etc. without needing a full on running pack.

My second favorite feature of these shorts is the inseam length. The dirt pounders strike the perfect balance between length and mobility (a 4″ inseam and a split leg provides some extra room for movement). I felt suitably covered for running errands and could sit down without my shorts turning into a bikini bottom. These shorts do have an internal liner, but can easily be cut out for those who hate them without ruining the rest of the product. The waistband is a nice mesh blend, so even the sweatiest of runs don’t make the shorts feel soggy or heavy.

I want them in every color (which, for now, is black, blue, or yellow). Rabbit’s other running shorts are:

  • Catch me if you Can (2.5″ inseam, blue, gray, or green, $50-55),
  • Hopper (4″ inseam, blue, gray, or green, $52-57), and
  • Mountain climbers’ (2.5″ inseam, black, blue, or yellow, $60).


  • 94% poly/ 6% spandex

They also have tees, tanks, undies, socks, tights, and pull-overs. Check ’em out!

P.S. They are all made in California!

Company: Rabbit (Facebook)
Products and Price:

More About Rabbit:

We created rabbit because we wanted something better. We both are lifelong runners and so we’ve tried all the running apparel out there, but we never found anything we loved. With athletic apparel everywhere you look, it’s hard to believe that no one had perfected the running short, but that’s exactly how it felt to us. Some things were too complicated, others too fussy, and plenty were downright ugly. Even worse, none seemed to really consider the distinct activity of running and the legitimate and specific needs of the runner.

We thought about this problem for quite a while and finally we decided that we were going to solve it ourselves. We started to think about what exactly it was that we wanted from our running clothes. And we asked dozens of runners to sit down for interviews so we could learn what exactly they wanted from their running clothes and see if they were feeling the same things we were. We chalked up all of the pros and cons of every garment we could get our hands on. And, after all that, we believed that we could make something better.

Thank you to Rabbit for providing us with samples. Please read our transparency page for info on how we do our reviews.

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